so i succumbed to vampirism anyway

i have been working for the dawguard. so anyone whos familiar with that knows i refused Harkon's gift in the beginning and continued to work for Isran. (if you accept Harkon's gift, you cannot work for the dawnguard and instead do the vampire storyline)

so i get to the part where Serana and i need to go to the soul cairn. being a mortal i cannot go in there or my soul will be ripped out or some shit. when i did this with Mandu, i chose to have my soul put into a soul gem, instead of taking Serana's offer to make me a vampire. (Mandu was a werewolf and i liked it that way)

since zeri was mortal and i knew i could cure vampirism if i really wanted to, i said fuck it and let Serana bite me.

i was kinda surprised (but not REALLY surprised) that being turned by her allowed me to become a vampire lord, just like if Harkon had turned me. regular vampires do not have this ability.

so now im wondering.. should i stay a vampire? what will happen when i go back to the dawnguard like this? will they even notice? lol (no spoilers if you do know, i want to find out)

im also curious to see what will happen if i do the companion quests as a vampire, i dont think ive ever done that before. so i might hang onto my vampire powers for a little while at least.

and im pretty sure i can always just ask Serana to turn me back any time i want to. i know with Mandu every time i talked to her was the option to make me a vampire. 

so this should be fun :)

i freekin love this game. how many other games can you play where its different EVERY time?


  1. so the dawguard DEFINITELY noticed i was a vampire lol. most of them just said ew get away from me, but the 2 i had done alot of quests for, instructed me to go to morthol to find the cure. i will be waiting before i do that. i want to see if i can actualy complete any more quests for them first, plus i want to try out the werewolf thing. they certainly dont seem to mind werewolves, Mandu never got any issue with those guys. then i will become mortal again


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