adventures in bug testing

 o.m.g. IS THAT BIGFOOT???

 Zeri wandered around with this chinchilla for about an hour.

 here is the car dipping into the road just a bit. im hoping when i smooth them out it will stop this

 i noticed beau merrick lives down the street from me, so i paid him a visit

 and he is a bastard, i must say. Zeri is very attracted to him (even the sim me seems to be attracted to jerks) so i keep making her chase him

 she even met a lovely black unicorn. this fishing spot is rather small, but its big enough for the unicorn to spawn here :) (and unlike hidden springs, the unicorn DOESN'T get stuck in the rock)

 Zeri writes love notes to beau merrick. he sends back hate mail

 deer hopping down the street. i actualy see ALOT of deer hopping across the river here

 Zeri adopted a cat. his name is Gandalf! hes the first cat ive adopted that i didnt have to change in cas AT ALL. hes adroable ^_^

 when did they add this? Zeri and Beau high five each other with plasma juice boxes lol

 i dont know why i took this picture

here is Gandalf again. soo cuuuute

 still trying to win beau's heart...

yeuk.. your sink sucks


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