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ooh the drama

i love my sims, man haha. there is more drama than a soap opera goin on in my game :P

i didnt feel like playing any of my established families, so i started fresh. made a family with two kids, cause i wanted some genetics goin into the game. didnt do any money cheats, just moved them into a starter house and plan on moving each gen heir into an new house (if they can afford it) rather than keep a legacy home. i figure ill get less bored this way.

so got rather attached to the eldest child, and decided she was my choice. met a few cute guys online, and one in particular caught her eye. after chatting a bit, soon realized the jerk is already married (with 2 kids even)

so she went off to college! her family was flat broke and if she was going to move out on her own she was going to need a serious career boost. she keeps chatting with the married guy while she is there (but they are just friends)

she gets her degree and comes home. still making piddle squat, and the 2 bedroom starter hous…