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adventures in bug testing


 Zeri wandered around with this chinchilla for about an hour.

 here is the car dipping into the road just a bit. im hoping when i smooth them out it will stop this

 i noticed beau merrick lives down the street from me, so i paid him a visit

 and he is a bastard, i must say. Zeri is very attracted to him (even the sim me seems to be attracted to jerks) so i keep making her chase him

 she even met a lovely black unicorn. this fishing spot is rather small, but its big enough for the unicorn to spawn here :) (and unlike hidden springs, the unicorn DOESN'T get stuck in the rock)

 Zeri writes love notes to beau merrick. he sends back hate mail

 deer hopping down the street. i actualy see ALOT of deer hopping across the river here

 Zeri adopted a cat. his name is Gandalf! hes the first cat ive adopted that i didnt have to change in cas AT ALL. hes adroable ^_^

 when did they add this? Zeri and Beau high five each other with plasma juice boxes lol

 i dont know…

to do list

ok so i need to fix some of the castle wall surrounding town square, its floating above the ground just a lil bit.

need to remove random tree in the middle of the street.

need to smooth/flatten most of the roads.

need to check the road just in from of gypsy camp, as i think its not connected properly.

need to add a lot to the island, i thought i had done that

need to add police/military building

need to add tents to the campground

need to extend the sand on a few of the beaches as the water comes up higher than i thought

hmm i think that is all so far.

testing and bug report

who better to test out a town that i made than me? XD
 i plop Zeri down on an empty lot and already i can spot a problem. alot of the lots (especialy by the river) are very sloped, and really difficult to place prefab lots on. not so easy to build on either.

we;; we bang out a quick little starter house. i love the view from this lot

Zeri really loves her new trashcan

 no crazy about these chairs tho

 after looking around at her little shack, i sent her downtown for a bite to eat. luckily, nraas mod has already begun populating my town :) (i added a few empty houses and random families as well. gotta have neighbors!)

i also realized while i was in town that i forgot the military/police station (wasnt sure if the castle has those included or not) it doesnt, so i will have to add that.

 can you think of a better place for a vampire to sleep other than in front of a big window?

 ahh the first time ive seen my town at night :)

 well cant see the too well with the window glare, but its a…

The Kingdom of Stonewall

my town is done! well sorta. its just about done. done enough to share. i still need to add lots and whatnot, but im tired and i can do that later.

i am really syked about sharing m first town! i havent done anything big like this before.

 town square. all the rabbitholes and community lots are here. i left out a few things, but there should be room to improve. there is also ample room thru out the town to add more lots

 rustic lake views

 lots of countryside

 plenty of farmland too

 lake front condos

 beautiful vistas from every direction

 many traces of the old kingdom can be found. broken down buildings scatter the landscape

Stonewall Castle (city hall)

Kingdom of Stonewall

this is a large town, so slow machines beware.  it will require WA, supernatural, and pets. not sure what other eps, but maybe a few. it is CC free, but i did use EP items.

ther may be some store items too, that may or may not come with the file. (this is a test run)
so if half the town square doesnt show up plea…

bleh.. broke my metadata box

i dunno what i did.. but CAW went BOOP and then a red X appeared in my metadata box. and i kinda need that to drop new items into my world. soo i guess its time to shut down and restart and hope that fixes it.. *sigh*

i may never make another world again. holy crap is this time consuming


i was too pissed off at CAW to open it back up yesterday after my save error.
so loaded it up today to try redo all that i lost, and discovered that its actualy all still there. :D
it must have saved after all. whooopeee!
so now i am in the home stretch. a few more trees here and there, some terrain paint, and i think its ready for testing


spend all day in CAW fixing up my town, tweaking things, fixing lots, placing lots, and lots and lots of lots.
go to save and ERROR! save error save error, over and over.
so.. fuck you Zeri, eh? cant save my town at all, all my work for nothing.


im very pleased

not really one to toot my own horn or anything, but im really pleased with the way my town is turning out so far.
i just play tested it in game and so far it looks so nice. i really need to straiten out my roads or something tho, because im having trouble getting lots to line up properly.

 some of the roads are extreamly bumpy looking. i thought this may be a problem, but the cars seem to drive on them just fine with no mishap.

 from overhead you can see the seam where i patched the map into the distance terrain. its really icky looking

 but from ground (sim) level, you really cant see it

 so im not overly worried about it

 i will have to fix some of the roads to make them straiter, place lots, and then i will probalby do the painting and small detail last.

im so excited! this town is really coming along and i never even really expected to get this far.


found some new CAW textures. now i can have a little variety in stead of the 4 paints the thing came with. ill be able to fix my mountains :D

and hopefully spiffy up the dull uniform-ness of the grass

some CAW screens

just a few snaps of what ive been fiddling with. keep in mind this is my FIRST ever world and i have no idea what im doing lol. im just pressing buttons and seeing what happens XD

 this was the BEST distant terratin item i could find to match this map. its got this icky line here and the color is all wrong, but it actualy matches up really well,  shapewise. i just wish i could color it in or something

 im in the painting phase right now, havent added lots or anything like that yet

 i dont like the way the mountains look. they look weird green, they look weird rock. and there are only 4 terrain paints and other 2 are sand. so ill probably end up going with rock but its disappointing me. maybe ill do a green/rock combo thing like here. its.. eh

 i rather like this lake. i only built it because the distant terrain had a river here. but its become one of my favorite areas of the map :)

 i didnt bother with bridges. the river is way to wide, and i didnt feel like making land blobs to conne…

so i been playing in CAW

and its kinda addictive. my world sucks, but its just a test project. im getting the hang of it slowly. perhaps ill have something even worth sharing one day. im kinda sorry i put off playing with it for so long

looky what i made!

hahahahaa. took like 2 minutes. i was bored :P