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another sucky snake tattoo

one of these days i swear ill get good at this lol. this is a tattoo i made this morning. i think it came out ok (of course it could be better)
but you cant get all that much detail on a sim tat anyway.
 im not really happy about the way it looks small. seems kinda.. blurgy.
 here it is with full saturation

 looks much nicer on the back.

 this is half saturation.
so i guess its ok. i need to practice more, but i hardly ever remember to mess with tatooinator lol. well if you want to try it out, here is the link


well that kinda sucks

back in the days of sims 2, i did alot of sims stories. i dont really do them anymore (too lazy). i hadnt really thought about any of them much till today when i was talking to my daughter about one of them. then i realized.. the sims 2 site is gone now! so now so is all those stories. :(
including all my Jerry Simmer (which was terribly written but hella funny)
its kinda sad that i lost all those stories. what a shame :(
i suppose i should probably try doing new ones. especialy since we have pose player now. but i dunno...

new game

i found this little flash game the other day and ive been addicted to it! its called ragdoll acheivment. you get a crash test dummy and an empty room. fill the room with bombs saws, and machine guns and blow that little bastard up.
i embedded it at the bottom of the blog, check it out :) fun shit

Aquaman- the movie

would be a terrible idea lol. how can he save the day, if all the bad things happen on land, and his powers only exist in the sea? who invented this guy anyway? what a lousy super hero. now, if say, you put Aquaman in the titantic, well then it might be a happier story. but he doesnt just sit around waiting for sinking ships, how depressing is that. what DOES aquaman do all day?


so i decided to fire up the ol steam and play skyrim for the first time in a long time (pc skyrim anyway, i was playing almost nonstop on the xbox while my computer was broken)
and found my character at the beginning of the skull or corruption quest. so i go thru the whole rigamoroll, and just as i drink the torpor and open up the magic portal thingy so me and erandur can go kick his ex buddies asses, the game crashes.
this pisses me off quite greatly, because i was almost done and now i gotta start over. so, ohwell, i go thru the whole things again, and AGAIN the game crashes.
im so flippin tables right now.  ⌐ (°◘°)⌐  ≈  ┴─┴ rawr!

i hate 'pro' gamers

you know the type. always has to have the ultimate build, critizies you on everything you do or say because its 'wrong' and insults everyone who doesnt play the 'right' way.
you know what? fuck you. you people dont play games, you rape them. a game is meant to be enjoyed, and for some of us, is a way to relax. you guys, have to dominate, pick apart the game to its bones, and exploit it to find the most power for you. how is that fun? ga,es are supposed to be FUN.
if i want to use a pet that looks awesome but isnt the strongest pet in the game, SO FUCKING WHAT. im having FUN. i play game to enjoy them, not to conquer them!!
its you guys who are ruining the mmo community. and you are always the loudest, most judgmental, and obnoxious players in EVERY game.
you know what? why should developers even BOTHER making a storyline, interesting races, characters, classes, and whatnot? cause none of that matters to you people. only how OP you can get. so once again i wonder, WHY …

like this status 1000 times cause im an idiot

whats with this fad lately? if you are not aware, lately people have been posting pics of themselves holding a sign, saying something like:
if this gets 1 million likes my dad will buy me a puppy!
ok the first one i saw might have been.. almost amusing, but really? there is like thousands of these stupid things now.
'like this status and my gf will blow me'
omfg, GO AWAY.
if i like your status will you go fuck yourself?

ok thats interesting

was curious earlier, as to what exactly 'Hispaniola' refered to. since we didnt really study that in school in any kind of way, i had no idea. i thought maybe it had something to do with some empire the spanish may have controlled.
well as it turns out (according to my daughter's googling skills)that 'Hispaniola' refers to the area of the Caribbean containing Haiti and the Dominican Republic. so. huh, how bout that. so, as it turns out, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Spaniards, and other latino people. arent actualy 'Hispanic'.  but somehow Haitians ARE. just thougt it was kinda interesting.

know what else i find interesting? i found out what Charlie Sheen's real name is. Its Carlos Estaves. i always knew Emilio Estaves was his brother, so i dunno why i found it so surprising. it just kinda made me go 'wow neat'

and please no one get offended by this post. i am not hating on Spanish people, i love Spanish people. i just wonder about weird things somet…

i feel pretty out of touch with reality sometimes

i really need to get out of the house. i just wish there was someplace to go. and even if there was, i cant drag all the kids along with me -_-
seems like im jsut destined to be a shut in, staring at the internet waiting for it to do something.


NVIDIA's hand held gaming unit


this is the last ill say about this

publicly anyway. as i know its a bore, but i really needed to talk to someone, and since i dont have anyone to talk to, well thats what this blog is for.
ive had time to process my emotions and recent information. and ive decided that all in all, its better this way. knowing the truth. so many years of unanswered questions, unresolved feelings and simply no ending to the story. i can finally let my heart and my mind find some peace. maybe i can finaly move on. ive cried rivers of tears over him, and its time to stop mourning. it might not be the ending i wanted, or the ending we deserved, but an end is an end. its time i accepted it.

im getting tired of this

seems like every site these days doesnt recognise my password. there are only so many i use, and it doesnt recognise any of them. so i got and reset my password, and sure enough, it STILL doesnt recognise the password. UH STUPID FUCKS I JUST CHANGED IT, I KNOW this is what it is!!!
and EA, thank you SO much for linking all your stupid bullshit with origin. cause i forgot my origin password and had to change it, so now EVERYTHING i am a member of that is affliated with ea, comes up with a wrong password messege... -_- assholes

strange visitors

i noticed these odd little fellows in my yard one evening. no idea where they came from or why.

the little bunny guys, wtf? lol. and the magician, well i dont HAVE a magician sim so i have no idea why he popped up. very odd indeed

they will make beootyful babies together!!!

Bane and Alina 4-eva <3

sims is therputic

been getting reacquainted with my Ovevil family and things are going well. finaly built them a house that doesnt totaly suck. and i was looking at my studio and noticed Alina Gravedigger sitting there waiting for me. she was one of the heiresses from my Gravedigger legacy i played on my bf's pc. she was one of my favorite sims of all time. so i decided to download her, and hook her up with my Ovevil heir :D
they hit it off instantly. 10/10 attraction, and they are all hearts and floaty shit. hes evil, shes crazy. hes a vampire, shes a supernatural fan. and she has one of the hidden traits the family needs.
they have succeeded in distracting me pretty well for the majority of the day :)
it really helps when you can get your mind off shit for a while. then when you come back to it (cause crazy ppl like me always doo) it doesnt seem as bad as before

i need to get the fk off the internet for a while

nuf said

i think i need to be commited

i just cant handle it.. the regret, the heartache and the pain. they say talking about your problems makes them better. well bull fuckin shit. talking about the past only made it worse. revealing truths that were perhaps better left unknown. we had already moved on but now the wounds are fresh again and ..somehow WORSE. its a good thing i bought 2 bottles of wine because i think im going to be loaded for a while...

ok thats a new one

for some reason, there is a horse in my basement.

so long story short (if possible)

once upon a time there was a girl of about 18. she worked in the mall giving random strangers surveys. one day as she was hanging around outside smoking, she saw a group of guys approach. they were laughing and goofing around and at first didnt seem like anything special.
untill she saw him.
he looked at her and smiled and her heart melted instantly. it was like one of those cheesy romance movies that never happens in real life.
the 2 never spoke to one another but exchanged glances. the boys' bus arrived and they left the mall doorway and headed outside. one boy stopped and offered the girl his number,
'actualy, i think i really like your friend' she said. referring to the boy whos eyes met hers. he laughed, and gave her his friends number.

it didnt take long for both the girl and the guy to realize they were in love., they talked on the phone for weeks but she could not see him; he was in a juvenile center for troubled boys. there was no way they could be together.

one d…

well life goes on

i need to try not to dwell too much on the past and mistakes ive made. whats done is done, no matter how tragic.
perhaps one day ill tell the tale, but not today. thank you everyone who lent an ear and a kind word

i regret my entire life

so many bad decisions there is no way to accurately measure how severely i fucked up my own life. and not just mine, i fucked up other people's lives too. heartache after heartache. i blunder thru life like a bull in a china shop, smashing everything in my path. sure the bull doesnt want to break anything, but is too stupid are careless not to.

there arent even words to express the grief in my heart. so many years wasted. lives torn apart. mistake after mistake after mistake.

i really am better off in the sims. where the lives i ruin dont exist.

im starting to hate my Ovevil family

the house is never right. i have rebuilt it over and over and i never seem to be happy with it. i think maybe im trying too hard. i wonder if its even worth it anymore. EA changed the trait genetics so supernaturals dont even stack.. it kinda makes my whole legacy null an void.
why cant i let go of this family?