Friday, December 31, 2010


well, you heard me :P

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Now this whole fiasco just leaves a bad taste in my mouth

ok so apparently last night while i was sleeping, there was some interesting happenings on the EA forum. This morning, i come across THIS thread.

ok, harmless enough

but here comes the caped crusader

which at first, was taken with somewhat good humor.

and then all hell broke loose

ok so what the hell happened here people? Did everyone get hit with the dipshit stick while i was away? OVERREACT MUCH??

to ALL parties involved in this travesty of a thread, GET OVER IT. way to go overboard over NOTHING. You know, just hearing someone MENTION Jesus Christ offends ME but i dont go around scolding people about it. Keep your morality to yourself now and then. its not everyone's problem. And altho the OP was a bit of a hot-headed twit, the responses she got were really not deserved.

chill the fuck out people

Monday, December 27, 2010

a note to all uploaders

well i just went back to see if i could re-download my dracula family because the one in my game is glitched. and low and behold, Zshare has deleted it because no one downloaded it. well isnt that lovely...
so boys and girls, if you want your uploads to stay around a while, dont upload to Zshare or they will delete it out from under you.
4shared seems to do a pretty good job at keeping my uploads intact, i dunno why i didnt use that one at the time. i was between computers so i guess i forgot which one i used.

z share= BAD

4shared =GOOD

Saturday, December 25, 2010

i dunno how many times i can keep doing this

so my legacy heir is destroyed. thanx to EA's faulty programming and glitchy fuckin game my one and ONLY heir is garbage.
how many generations have i been working on to get to a dead end??  how many times have i started over from scratch because of computer problems? so my one and ONLY heir with the inherited traits can just dissapear into thin air! POOF!

he didnt even have the decency to die hes just fukin GONE!!! if he was dead i could still breed him! im so pissed i can barely see strait. MERRY FUCKIN CHRISTMAS TO ME!

so my dad calls from florida...

to wish me and the kids a merry christmas. so, we naturaly discussed the weather. cause EVERYONE who moved from NY to florida, simply has to ask how cold it is. i said its cold. he said its cold too, its almost 70 outside.
im like.. 0_0
its not even 70 inside my house!
spoiled floridians :p

Thursday, December 23, 2010

ok what the hell?

Simpletons FINALLY gets transferred and up and running and now the page seems to be gone? been trying for hours to log on, and nothing.. server cant find it.
getting seriously mad >:(

Merry new year and happy Christmas to all!

too all my friends and acquaintances, i wish you from the bottom of my heart, a





Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simpletons has changed

its been known for a while that i had been displeased with the antiquity of the forum and wanted to upgrade. But, i did NOT want to just start over on a new forum and lose all that i have put into it.

I noticed a few weeks ago that the host was doing upgrade transfers to the new platform so i signed up. It have been so long i thought perhaps we were dissaproved or forgotten, but today we have been transfered to our new platform!

its strange and it will take some getting used to, but all our data is intact, all our members, all our posts. we lost our pets tho :(

well, if your a member and havent visited in a while, check it out! if your not a member, check it out anyway. we have some cool new features and i hope it will be a really fun place for everyone

*edit* oh yeah a link would be helpful

Monday, December 20, 2010

aww man

just found out about the luner eclips and i missed it :( couldnt sleep, so came downstairs to check my mail lol. well its too cold to go outside anyway.. why do all the cool celestial happenings take place in winter?


so, i signed up for a closed beta a week or so ago, for a game made by the people behind perfect world (my favorite free mmorpg) and after downloading it and trying to play, i couldnt get in. :'(
well today, i finaly got my email accepting my beta registration! and OMG is this game incredible.  i started with a kindred- a vampire character

Here are some screenies from the game *edit* oh i forgot to mention, the game is called Forsaken World

obviously i really like my character ^_^

i had to turn it off cause the kids all came home and its hard to concentrate. but so far i LOVE this game. i cant wait to play more!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

regarding the EA bumnuggetry and SIMians

i am aware of some of the douchebaggery going on over at EA, but i have not personally witnessed all of it, so i cannot confirm or deny if any of the offenders were in fact members of mine. The shittyness toward Lady EM was not my members, but marie blue IS a member of mine, and im not sure who else was in that thread in question because i either didnt read it or dont remember it.  im not usualy online at night, as thats when i have family time.

but i have this to say. im not a babysitter. i am also not responsible for the bullshit any one from SIMians decides to go and get themselves into. i am ALSO not approving any dipshit behaviour, because i have already told my members to behave themselves.If they keep this up, im going to be seriously angry.

i do NOT appreciate people running around, mucking up my reputation and giving my website a bad name. if i have to institute a new rule, and start banning people for being douchbags, then i will do that. i will not, i repeat NOT TOLERATE anyone being an ASSHOLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. if you want to be a dickhead, fine be yourself. but dont associate yourself with me, plain and simple.

i will NOT continue to take flak for the shittyness of the SIMians community. I started SIMians so that simmers had a place to go and hang out and share content and blogs and forums, NOT as a place for bullies to organise.
go to OT simmers if you want that shit. Thats what that place is for, trolls and dickheads.

This is the last time i am going to say this. If one more member of mine so much as looks at another simmer in a bad way, ill delete the whole dam site

Saturday, December 18, 2010

i been booted :(

so, as you all know, my computer recently died. so obviously, i havent been able to play any of my mmos, because i didnt have a computer. so now that i have my new one, i been downloading all my games again, only to discover i been kicked outta my guild :'(

wow thanx guys. oh well, i didnt care about that guild all that much anyway lol. maybe ill just start my own again.

Lady EM

NEITHER of those asswads are members of mine, im not really sure why you think i have anything to do with that

Thursday, December 16, 2010

ignorant people cheeze me off -RANT-

so yesterday i saw a status update from my sister in law about gay marriage. it said this:

So let me get this "straight" - Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Liz Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time, Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage. Jesse James & Tiger Woods are screwing EVERYTHING, yet the idea of same-sex marriage is going to ...destroy...institution of marriage?? Really? ...REALLY.....

 so naturally, i agreed, by saying something like yeah i hear that, or whatever.  so THEN this moron comes on, saying he believes in equal rights, and this and that and bla bla bla but gay marriage NO!


i was like???

i was like" you DO realize you just contradicted yourself, right? you believe in equal rights, yet you dont believe gays should have rights??"


then he preceded to spew the whole 'wont somebody think of the children' crapola, like having gay couples somehow warps and dements children everywhere.

i said, you know what gay marriage teaches children? it teaches them that they can be loved for who and what they are. children arent born with these ignorant notions of what 'marriage' should be, they have to be TAUGHT that.

so then, apparently having nothing else intelligent to add to the conversation, i guess he went onto my facebook profile to try to dig up some kinda dirt he could use against me, cause he comes back saying

Oh your a FRIGGIN WICCAN. thats explains why your so air headed.

now, this is all on my sister in laws facebook profile.. hes picking a fight with someone he doesnt even KNOW on someone ELSES profile.. and to stoop so low as to go dragging irrelevant information into the conversation?

i wanna fucking punch this guy.

so i came back with "yeah im a wiccan, and im not ASHAMED to be so, either. at least im a kind and tolerant person unlike YOU"


then my sis in law had to step in and end the fight cause it was getting out of hand and embarrassing her. and he came back with some kinda 'hey no fair, she got the last word' kinda bullshit. 

im kinda hoping that he decides to bring to MY page cause im still pissed and im not done arguing with him. fucking ignorant retarded fucking moron




Wednesday, December 15, 2010

to friends of Yazzie

i have been informed that she has had a minor heart attack this morning. she is on machines and ok for now i think. chris text'd me but didnt give many details. so, if you are a freiend of yazzie, or an accuaintance or hell even if you have no idea who she is pray for her, keep her in your thought, do a voodoo dance, anything.
we love you yazzie <3

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 new towns!

i am so bored with sunset valley, i havent even installed it in my new game.. so i went looking for a nice custom town instead. (im currently playing my legacy family in a custom town called Spooky Town, i LOVE IT!!)
so i found 2 that looked pretty good.
Bay City by Docsprok and Red County by Coasterboi.
im about to go play test them, hehe. i wuv new towns <3

Monday, December 13, 2010

ignore this post

this artical about ADHD is mostly for my own use. in case i lose my bookmarks or the original artical dissapears i still have it here for reference.
i am a parent of a child with ADHD

hyperactive child jumping on couchBy Because attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms like inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity affect a child's ability to learn and get along with others, some people think an ADHD child's behavior is caused by a lack of discipline, a chaotic family life or even too much TV. In fact, research suggests that ADHD is largely a genetic disorder. However, some environmental factors may play a role as well. Here, we separate fact from fiction about the causes of ADHD.
Research does suggest a possible link between ADHD and pesticides. A 2010 study in the journal Pediatrics found that children with higher urine levels of organophosphate, a pesticide used on produce, had higher ADHD rates. Another 2010 study showed that women with higher urine levels of organophosphate were more likely to have a child with ADHD. The studies suggest a possible link but can't prove that pesticides cause ADHD. Psychologist Marcy Rosenzweig Leavitt, who works with ADHD patients in private practice in the Los Angeles area, recommends buying organic varieties of fruits and vegetables, especially those prone to high levels of pesticides (or scrubbing nonorganic produce before eating). 10 Dirty Fruits and Vegetables

Smoking or Drinking During Pregnancy
Fetal exposure to alcohol and tobacco is thought to play a role in ADHD. Children exposed to tobacco smoke prenatally are 2.4 times as likely to have ADHD as those who are not, research suggests. "Fetuses exposed to alcohol can develop fetal alcohol effects or fetal alcohol syndrome, and the prominent features for both are the symptoms you see in ADHD," says Dr. Mark L. Wolraich, chief of the section of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City.

Food Additives
Many European countries have banned certain preservatives after research linked hyperactivity in young children to food with mixtures of some artificial food colors and the preservative, sodium benzoate. The FDA says food additives are safe when used "properly," and most additives aren't required to be clearly labeled on packaging. Experts think only a small number of children will benefit from avoiding brightly colored processed foods, which tend to have more additives. "Consult with your child's doctor before putting your child on a particular diet," says Leavitt. Reducing consumption of these additives may or may not help hyperactive behavior; many factors play a role in ADHD. Nine Food Additives That May Affect ADHD

Parents often blame sugar for a child's hyperactive behavior, but it's time to stop. "The overwhelming number of studies have not been able to demonstrate behavior changes due to sugar consumption in children," says Wolraich.

A study in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology found that mothers who thought their children were given sugar rated their children's behavior as more hyperactive than mothers who were told their children were given a sugar substitute -- regardless of whether their children actually consumed real sugar. Limit sugar if you're concerned about calorie consumption or dental cavities, not because of ADHD.

TV or Video Games
There's no proof that too much TV or video game time causes ADHD, but research has found that school- and college-age students who spent more time in front of a screen had more attention problems than those who did not. In theory, the constant stimulation of TV and video games may make it harder for kids to pay attention. But experts emphasize that screen time alone can't explain ADHD. "There is an association between [ADHD and] the number of hours young children watch TV or play video games, but more study is required to determine if it is a causal relation or it's because children with ADHD gravitate more toward those activities," says Wolraich.

Bad Parenting
ADHD symptoms can be confused with rebellious or bad behavior, so it's not uncommon to try to blame the parents for a child's conduct. But according to the National Resource Center on ADHD, there's no strong evidence that parenting style contributes to ADHD. "While it's true that parenting style and social circumstances may aggravate ADHD behaviors, parental style is not the cause of ADHD," says Leavitt, who says parents who set consistent behavioral limits, use reward and consequence behavior tools, and provide a clear set of expectations can help reduce ADHD symptoms. On the other hand, a stressful home environment or parents who refuse to accept ADHD as a diagnosed condition can make the symptoms worse. Celebrities With ADHD

Brain Injury
"Brain injury that results from a serious blow to the head, a brain tumor, a stroke or disease can cause problems with inattention and poor regulation of motor activity and impulses," says Leavitt. And according to the National Institute of Mental Health, children who have suffered certain types of brain trauma may show symptoms similar to ADHD. But because only a small portion of children with ADHD have suffered a traumatic brain injury, it's not considered a major risk factor.

Although it was once popularly believed that food allergies or sensitivities cause ADHD, the research so far has been unable to support the idea that diet plays a significant role in ADHD, Leavitt says. Still, certain dietary components may affect behavior, and a recent Australian study suggested that adolescents with diets high in fat, refined sugar and sodium were two times as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD as other kids. Additional studies have also linked diets deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for brain development and function, to ADHD symptoms.

The evidence strongly suggests that ADHD is passed down from parents, not parenting style. "There is a very strong heritability to ADHD," affirms Smith. "It may be one of the most heritable psychiatric disorders." In fact, a child with ADHD is four times as likely to have had a relative who was also diagnosed with ADHD, and results from studies of multiple twins indicate that ADHD often runs in families. Ongoing research is looking to pinpoint the genes responsible for ADHD. A new study by scientists at Cardiff University in Wales found that children with ADHD are more likely to have missing or duplicated segments of DNA.

Because there's no objective ADHD test, parents, doctors and educators continue to debate over whether ADHD is overdiagnosed. Some say doctors are too quick to diagnose a child's behavioral problems as ADHD without considering other possible causes. North Carolina State University researchers found that children who are several months younger than their peers could be mistakenly diagnosed with ADHD when, in fact, they are just less mature than their classmates. Nonetheless, according to Wolraich, "most of the evidence is that ADHD is underdiagnosed and undertreated." CDC: Childhood ADHD Rate Rises 22 Percent

Chemical Exposure
While smoking, alcohol and pesticides may be a problem, researchers are looking at other toxins, too. For instance, Boston University School of Public Health researchers found a link between polyfluoroalkyl chemicals -- industrial compounds widely used in products like stain-resistance coatings and food packaging -- and ADHD. Phthalates -- found in items like toys, food packaging and cosmetics -- have also been linked to ADHD. But as with many factors, the evidence points only to a correlation and can't prove that these chemicals contribute to ADHD.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

am i alone here?

in thinking that the majority of sim hairs are extremely too BIG? either way too long, or way too puffy. or both. whos got that much hair?
its kinda silly.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Attack of the Mooch! a new sims challenge

click here

getting bored with the game? give this little challenge a try!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

anyone else had any crippling computer issues?

cause my boyfriend is suggesting its my mods that are breaking my machine. so, if any other simmmers are having pcs break,  there might be somthing to that. i not than i dont have to worry

Saturday, December 4, 2010

my new puter


isnt it awesome??

Friday, December 3, 2010

i seem to have lost my spunk

i dont really know where it went. i didnt even really notice it was gone actualy till today.. i realized im just.. crabby all the time. i used to be spunky, funny.. at least i thought i was. now i dont even amuse MYSELF.
whats happened to me?