pic spamorama Goth family overload

 Morty workign hard on his witch powers. hes coming along. not super fast, but hes getting there

hmm. someone set the house on fire.

 Morty decided to take Midnight Star for a ride and get used to being on horseback
 Lightning struck and Star spooked, tossing Morty on his butt. it was the last time he tried to ride her.

 then he came home to Gunther shaking his cane at the boy.  Morty decided to ignore the crazy old man, and made himself a jackolantern.

 Gunther promptly destroyed it. (all his idea i might add, he marched down there and stomped it almost as soon as Morty finished making it)

 trick or treat time! ive never actualy done this before, usualy when spooky day rolls around i dont have any kids in the household.

 Mortimer got in on the fun too

 Its Morgana's birthday! i had to hide the cake in the bathroom because she is terrified of Bonehilda for some reason. poor thing cant eat or sleep or pee cause bonehilda is always in the kitchen (and its ironic cause bonehilda RAISED her)

Morgana aged up into a.. well shes interesting

and then ran screaming from the house cause bonehilda showed up to put the cake away

 magical Morty!

 is Cornelia painting Mr T?

 finaly time for Morty's birthday!

 and what a looker!

 morgana build an igloo outside so she had somewhere to sleep where she didnt have to pass bonehilda

 morty bringing sexy back.

graduation day! this is the monte vista school. its a castle! alot of the buildings in this town are really cool. i might steal em all and just put them in a better town

 wtf? where did that stupid ass outfit some from?


POW! bullseye. this horse has actualy made a hobby out of kicking Gunther.

 the pond froze and Morty went ice skating. i havent had a pond on the home lot since seasons so this was fun

 this is the girl morty met at the prom and got a heart for. shes not bad, but a little too 'default face' for me. im afraid he will continue to shop around. she has really pretty eyes tho.

 sad clown

 hubba hubba... uh.. what was i saying?

 ok Cornilia is on some seriously weird medication wtf is THAT

this totaly oddball dog showed up at warg';s tavern lol. some kinda brindle poodle hahaha


  1. Morgana didn't turn out too bad. :o
    As for her running away from Bonehilda, does she happen to have the coward trait? My werewolf sim can't stand her either. lol

  2. no shes not coward, but shes neurotic so maybe thats why


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