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Hemlock legacy- everything changes

it finally happened! Vivek and Fabian were anxiously awaiting their new family member. funny how the one guy in this picture married to a woman is a gayest dude in the room haha. Maldynado, Vivika's husband, is at the house often.

the big day comes and its twins!!! of course it is. because i had ley line on as my lot trait for the longest time and NEVER got any twins so i finally got rid of it and replaced it with something else. first pregnancy with it off? twins. LOL

a boy and a girl. Lestat and Claudia. fabian wasted no time is snuggling his little bundles. hes family oriented so hes the happiest hes ever been. he also adopted into the home his daughter from a previous marriage, amara vatore. her mother is lilith, calebs sister.  thats right. his baby mama is viveks great great auntie.  fun times.

immediately after giving birth, vivek got abducted by aliens.. o please no.

vivika invited her self over and burst into flames on the doorstep! shes dead! the family is devastated.


katsumoto/hemlock legacy

so the overwhelming votes were for vivek. but i loved vivika so much i kept her for a little while. she found a mate right away. vivek had a lot of trouble. no girls seemed to like him much. he had a few friends, but no flirtations, and nobody he really clicked with. then he met fabian vomitare-mostro

 they had sparks right away, and fabian proposed. this is is vivek, probably your only chance for love, dont let him get away! he might be a vampire, but  his young adult-ness is almost half over without finding anyone

 they were married right there at the love festival. awww

 vivika found this handsome devil strolling thru the town and she hit it off with him instantly.

she is already expecting.

 she still look super skinny from the front

 but is VERY pregnant hahaa. her body type is amusing. vivek is having trouble conceiving. he and fabian have tried several times and still havent had any luck. if things continue, vivika's baby might end up being the heir simply by default. ther…

i cant pick an heir!!!

my katsumoto family, now hemlock, has three lovely children, all teens now. (my very first sim playing sims 4 was koiichi katsumoto, they are his  great grand children)

the heir will inherit vampire power from their mother. the other two will be cured and cast out of the home. but i cant decide who i like best. only who i like least.

 the only boy, Vivek. hes nice enough looking i suppose. hes almost the spitting image of his grandfather, Tori. nice enough boy but kinda boring.

 Vivika, the youngest. mean and mischievous she could prove fun to play. but is just a tiny bit weird looking. overall tho, she would make a decent heir. but sooo skinny. she looks like a stick figure in heels. if she ever gets pregnant she'll snap in half

the oldest, Viviana, and the one im most likley NOT picking. shes not bad looking, but the other two are better. both girls are vampires. viviana had pointy ears, vivika does not. both girls have similar features but vivika has a better profile and shapel…

the end of my generation- swap family

the boys are all teens now.  i had adam eat a forbidden fruit since he wasnt likely the heir anyway  and i wanted to test out plantsim. now hes actually more interesting and is a front runner.

 dina and ethan had a surprise baby when they woohooed without my permission. she is a wicked, wicked little girl.

 dina just chillin in her fire

Axalia's birthday! she is becoming a young adult, so that means my turn is over! now my daughter will take over the family and she will choose her heir. and probably forget to take pictures, so i wont be able to update untill its my turn again! hahaha.


Dina and Nina did a pretty good job caring for all the little shit machines.

with 3 caring adults in the household, a nanny and a butler, 4 toddlers wasnt too much of a struggle.

axalia adores her brothers and has a good relationship with all of them

 age up time! they invited a caterer to make cakes for the many birthdays. he was kinda cute, so dina tried to set her sister up with him, being that shes so 'lonely'.  nina agreed, lest her sister get wind of her affair. she and the caterer actually hit it off tho, so she moved in with him.

 adam is a pyro.. this isnt the first fire hes started and im sure it wont be the last.

 rhode has some kind of ..issue. hes always dressing up as a bear and moping around.

 family time! they are a pretty close family and all get along well.

 axalia playing with her favorite action figure

 steve, rhode and rocky. having a chat

 ethan is starting to plump up again. so is dina actually. they are getting those middle aged tummy rolls. its funny …

swap family update

my daughter got tired of her generation of the swap family, so i kinda rushed things so i could take over again.

the household had 5 children and i didnt like any of them. (they are all blue!) so i took steve and ananya into CAS and just rolled a new kid from their genetics. rolled untill i got one i could live with, made him a teen and kicked the rest of those uggos out of my house.

 (so yeah i cheated)

remade the entire house too.  both of us agreed it was kind of terrible. so this time we did something a little differently.

we used a random number generator to determined how many bedrooms and bathrooms the house would have. then we used the RNG to choose which rooms  we would use out of the premade rooms.

then we just placed them together in a decent-ish way and boom, house. it actually came out pretty nice. much better than the old house, that thing was a disaster. this one is a little too 'dollhouse' for my liking but its livable so whatever. and since its MY turn, i can …