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nothing to do. once the kids go to school i am utterly bored. i need to find some way to spend my time. no good games to play anymore. and no mmos. meh...


so found a place where i could download a buncha stephen king books for an ereader. and of course, my nook doesnt recognize the files format. bleh.
stupid useless thing. i was better of reading books on my phone

are any of my readers in Ohio?

even if you are not, please take a look at this flyer and please keep an eye out for him.

its my bf's nephew, and hes been missing for over a week and the cops wont do anything. his family is really worried. if anyone has any information, please call the number on the flyer


i got a visitor! Simpletim came by to check out the new car
wanted to see how she looked as a vamp
not bad.. might keep it.

here is Maya's new fella, Kurt. its kinda funny. not ha ha funny, just weird funny.
so maya as we know came from china, i didnt make her. kurt i did make, but i made him a long time ago and he was just sitting in some town i used to test something and forgot about.

well simpletim, who was maya's roomate nd best friend, died in a horrible fire. he also had a dog. maya survived the fire (barely) and inherited his home and dog.

ok so kurt, is a chinese sim i made to use a townie. ive plopped him down in many towns, but never really played him. he had 2 dogs. a pit bull and a dalmation.

was cleaning up some old saves when i thought 'hey i dont need that save game, il just grab kurt and throw him in with maya.

turns out kurt is a firefighter. and he and may are 10/10 attracted to each other. isnt it funny how things work out sometimes?

2 chinese sims, both…

i love playing with Maya Wang

i gave her a makeoever, and the transformation is incredible. you would think i edited her in CAS but i did not. i didnt alter her genetics at all, i only gave her a haircut and some makeup.



quite remarkable, is it not?

tragedy strikes

the forum mascot, Simple Tim has died...

Maya Wang.. the funniest sim in Shang Simla

if you have never owned world aventures, you may not have ever become aquianted with this lovely sim
this is Maya Wang. a lovely Chinese girl who is unfortunately married to Deng Wang.
the 11 year old boy in me cant help but make punny Maya Wang jokes all day long after i encounter her. my current sim is friends with her, so the jokes just keep coming. its almost a game. come up with as many crude maya wang jokes as i possibly can lol. here are just a few.

who needs a girlfriend, i can just play with maya wang.

maya wang is my best friend and i dont care who knows it

stirring soup is easy with maya wang

judge all you want, but maya wang is alot of fun

i wish i could see maya wang

look, maya wang is waving!

its a good day when ive got maya wang in my hands

and on and on and on lol

i know they are stupid but its just one of those things that tickles me

been playing with Simple Tim

our new forum mascot. hes a bit of a cutie.

well his LTW is lev 10 blogger, so i been playing with the social networking feature on the new phones. and it got me thinking, i havent updated my REAL blog in a long time. so i gussied it up a little and dusted the big spiders out of the corners lol.
nice fresh new look. kinda bright. eh. i can get used to it. i need a new headline pic tho, that is my older avatar and her nose is dreadful.