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just an odd thought...

would Charlize Theron be considered an African American?

Franny's little girl is all grown up. kinda

Bianca Vanderburg. The only child of Francisca Vanderburg. She was the love child of Fran and a married man. But Fran kept her, and raised her alone, and loves her. Bianca is ..interesting. shes got very strange features (and a horryfying profile) but i think my makeoever hides her homely. She isnt too bad., she might improve when shes an adult. But, shes my heiress, and im stuck with her lol. Im rather fond of this family.

2 and a half men

well i had heard a while back that they were planning on replacing charlie with ashton kutcher, and at first i was like wtf? are you nuts? srsly??
charlie IS the show. they should have just canceled it!

so when the new season premiered tonight, i had to watch it just to see what kind or train wreck it was gonna be.
surprisingly, it enjoyed it alot. its was hysterical. never saw a funnier funeral scene in my entire life. and the way they threw the new character in , altho it did seem 'rushed' it is almost plausible.

so maybe i will give this new version of the show a chance. i think it has potential. i will miss charlie. but hey, things change. adapt or die.

R.I.P. Charlie Harper

enjoying hidden springs

This just might be my favorite town. aside from the usual issue i have with towns, EA towns especialy (no space for custom lots, or EP lots) this town has the most perfect ambience and scenery i have ever seen.

this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as beautiful vistas go. i havent explored everywhere yet but omg what a fantastic town.

i didnt make my own sim to check things out, i decided to just grab a local and make the best of it. could be fun. so i found this lonely lady.

Francisca Vanderburg. i of course gave her a little makeover.

 shes no beauty queen, but i think shes just adorable. or should i say 'adorkable'?

 speaking of odorkable, i noticed that liam o'dourke is wandering around this town, and i didnt put him there.. yeah so EA PUT him in thei town, and actualy changed his name to O'Dourke.. i found that hilarious.

 there is also these strange green people.. i find them intriguing

 these two apparently shop out the of the same catalog.

 here is francisca …


spend too much time dealing with other people, and eventually i get into this antisocial 'fuck everybody' kinda mood.
i do my best to keep to myself, and be nice to people. but my bf seems to like to start shit with people, and i end up getting caught in it..
yeah mmos have idiots. its a given. generaly i just say somthing neutral to said idiot and go about my buisness. not him, hes gotta poke him and poke him, untill the idiot is spewing idiodcy all over the chat screwing up EVERYBODYS day.
make me want to just kick people. in the teeth.
tired of people

no forsaken world :(

thanx to the flooding and disaters in my area, verizon has been over taxed, and alot of the station have gone down or something. massive internet troubles everywhere. i still have internet, but for some reason, my game servers are all down for the east coast.. which is of course the server i play on. so i guess il be taking a little break lol. (probly should anyway)
looks likes its time to rekindle my love for sims ^_^


TMN finaly got that fucking douchebag sesert! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
i knew he was just some little jackass with no life, whos balls havent even dropped. PREPARED TO BE GROUNDED FOR LIFE!! HAHAHAHAHA

well im just appalled and disgusted

JOHNSON CITY -- Close to 100 animals died at the PETCO store on Harry L Drive during this week's flood, company officials said Saturday.
Petco's animals, which include hamsters, reptiles, birds and aquatic life, were left in the store during the flood, even though many residents south of Harry L Drive, where the store is located, were evacuated.
Employees discovered the heartbreaking news when they were allowed into the store Friday.
At that point, they were able to save more than 100 animals and transport them to nearby stores.
The number of animals saved and the number that died are rough estimates, company officials said.
"We are heartbroken over this tragedy," Marcie Whichard, vice president of animal care and education for Petco, wrote in a blog entry. "We want to stress that this was not carelessness on our associates' behalf, but a communications lapse from the city to the store in evacuations orders."
Whichard said the flooding was n…

so we were evacuated from our home today

the rain we have been having, plus the hurricane, plus MORE rain, and our teeny little Susquehanna river simply cannot hold it all. the water has spilled out over the flood walls and the entire region is underwater. some places are really bad. my house is still dry, thank goodness. we came back to the house after a day of being in the red cross shelter. the news said the worst of it was probably over, and since our house wasnt flooded yet, we figured it was safe to come back. so its been a real fun week