im not sure im happy with my 'pure thief' build

so i went with stealth skills only, pretty much. sneak, lockpick, archery, pickpocket. saving some points for smithing and enchanting.
im almost lev 30 and my toon is still so unbearably weak. im not sure i did this right, or perhaps, i just dont like this particular build. Mandu was perfect. i should build all my skyrim toons like him from now on.

stealth kills perfectly, but deadly close range too.

this toon can barely kill at a distance! wtf? i need 3 arrows to kill a bear? by that time the bear is in my face.

im hoping that once i get my smiting skills up a little i can pimp out her weapons a bit more and give her some power.
cause right now, she aint doing squat. the only kills i get are sneak attacks, and even some of those needs 2 hits. pathetic. this toon is pathetic

not as pathetic as my wizard was tho


  1. finaly making a little headway. i ran out of bolts and couldnt buy more because i was a vampire, but now im a werewolf and the dawnguard dont seem to give a shit about THAT lol. so i pimped up my crowsbow a bit and bought a ton of bolts, i should be one shooting like a champ now.


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