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after watching 'the woman in black' and playing some skyrim, i was inspired to build yet another gothy type mansion. this one may be better than my last one, but im not sure i want my Ovevil family living there just yet.. im still waiting on Supernatural to come out. i think there may be a place for my family in the new town. if not, ill put this house down and give it a try.. it seems small. (well, compared to previous Ovevil houses) but i think it has all the space i need. if not, i may be able to imp[rove it a bit.
im not sure if the elevators will work... in fact, im almost sure they will NOT work. stupid foundations get in the way of having a basement. so, i will have to work that out eventualy too. i need to actually play the house before i know.

well anyway, here it is in all its unfurnished glory.

 i realized (finaly) my houses never looked creepy enough because i used too many live trees. much better. doesnt it look delightfully ominous? i also added the half windows …


severe thunderstorm/tornado warnings all over NY state this afternoon. we really DONT get tornados in ny very often. and when we do, its rare they ever touch down.
but thanx to our wacky new weather patterns, there no longer is a 'normal'.
it was pretty scary there for a while. the sky turned black and the trees literally bend in half from the force of the wind.
one large limb broke off of a tree in the backyard and flattened the neighbors pool. the street was a river.
luckily tho it passed pretty quicky and there wasnt much damage. i heard thru a facebook friend tho, that a funnel cloud DID touch down in a nearby town.
i sure am afeerda tornadas

so the gw2 beta is done

and it was so much fun! but i was pretty much glued to my pc all weekend and im so burnt out now lol
here are a few screenies from my trip

 i played a ranger (always my favorite class because i can have/train pets)
im rather fond of the duel wielding axes. i think they may be my favorite ranger weapon so far

 my Melandru Stalker. the starter pet.

my white wolf. (not a great pic, he moved just as i  clicked! lol) i went around the world to find one to tame. by then the neta was pretty much over lol. i tamed my wolf and went to bed. :P

i was slightly dissapointed in the game graphically tho. i dont think the game has made any real advancements over the previous installment. in fact it may actualy be a step back. i cant find any of my gw screenshots to compare, tho. still, overall a very enjoyable game, cant wait to go live

had to come up for air

been doing the last beta test weekend for GW2. i FINALY got a key lol. you know, reading about all the changes made me think i was gonna hate the new gw, but so far im totaly loving it. i think ill definitely get the game when it comes out.
but i had to take a little break, cause my eyeballs were falling out hahaha.
time for a snack, and back in i go!

this is some fucked up shit

like right out of a movie or something. this nutbag goes into a theater, tosses teargas, and then mows down everything that moves. like omwtf?
ironically, it sounds like something a batman villain would do...
the guy had head to tow ballistic gear on, and apparently has his apartment booby trapped with explosives so law enforcement cant get in.
like wow..
where did this guy come from and where did he get this stuff?

pls get better SpazzAttk

we havent spoken in a while but i considered you a friend. my heart goes out to you and your family, and i hope everything works out for the best.

sometimes i wonder if im the only person who doesnt go around being a dick to people on purpose. i mean honestly what is the point of being an abrasive ass to everyone?
does it make you feel important? superior? like a winner?
guess what. it makes you a douche. thats all.
even my own family, cant seem to go 20 minutes without trying to be a shit to somebody. i mean ffs, just leave other people be and mind your own fucking business once in a while!

back to Skyrim

been missing it. really missin it, but was kinda bored with the fact that i already pretty much did everything.
well i logged it in to show someone my modded stuff, and i realised my khajiit character has a lot of game left to her. i JUST got her armorsmith and enchanting to 100, but her main armor isnt enchanted yet. she has also beaten the main storyline, but none of the others. so she has dragon call, tons of shouts, but the world is still her oyster :)

plus i got a lycanthropy mod that i havent fully tested yet, so its been alot of fun goin back to her.
o, and Odaviing is a shit ton of fun to sic on imperials

i dont get right wing wackos

i just cant get this confrontation out of my head for some reason.
i was commenting on a friend of mine's facebook. it was an artical about obama, and how he visited a diner and like an hour later the woman died.
he asked me was faux news would say, and i said OBAMA KILLS GRANDMOTHER.
it was tasteless but we had a good laugh.
but then, this other guy pops in (from his friendlist) babbling something about how obama's grandmother remembered him being born in kenya (oy vey THAT crap again?)
still in a joking mood, i said well you cant trust what old ppl say, my grandmother couldnt even remember my name lol.
and then, the guy goes totaly batshit crazy!
im a liberal whore, and if it was Bush i would be screaming to god, and im probably a molatto crack baby mamma, and omg the filth that spewed from this person, was simply unbelievable.
being used to trolls and douchebags (thank you mmos) i pretty much had this guy's number.
so he resorted to insulting my spelling. we all know t…

tra la laa

just got the new five finger death punch album. ... music makes me so happy <3

i need to listen to music more and people less

i truly weep for the future

i need to get away from mmos for a while i think. maybe even the entire internet in general. if one more condescending little pissant gives me a 'face palm' im gonna shove his face palm right up his ass. arrogant know-it-all little shits, everywhere you go. fuck you all. the world is fucking doomed if you assholes are the future. READ A GODAM BOOK NOW AND THEN. and please PLEASE get a fucking clue.
ive forgotten more than you little asswipes have ever known. disrespect me again, shit for brains. see if i ever go out of my way to help someone again.
but no please, tell me again about how i dont know what im talking about. not only have i been around longer than you, i been playing video games longer than you been ALIVE.

i hate you

ex husband. and we probably could have been friends, if you didnt piss me off so much. just when i get to thinking 'yano hes not half bad, maybe we should be friends' YOU GO AND REMIND ME WHY I LEFT YOUR ASS. do me and the rest of the world a favor and go die somewhere.


Download Here

just a cool dog i made. i always hated how the EA german shepard had a huge head. poor thing looked so top heavy. so i tweaked the head a little, and made it more proportional. he still has all the base breed marking, i simple made them darker. he is for all intents and purposes, a full breed German Shepard. just way better than EA's :)