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Your Weekly Horror-Scope

Today you turn the page, and begin a new chapter in your life. Sadly for you, your life novel is a comedy. Expect a series of prat falls, stubbed toes, and the occasional pie in the face. all you need is a seltzer bottle and a rainbow wig and you'd make a great clown.

 Tempers will be flaring today, Aries. Perhaps you rub a co-worker the wrong way, or cut off the wrong person in traffic. Did you make a pass at someone elses girlfriend? Run over their dog? Steal their mail?  Either way, your sure to end up on someone's hit list. Lay low for a while.

 Your lover is unusual amorous today, Cancer.  A once cold and distant partner is suddenly treating you like the sun and moon. Have you changed your will or life insurance policy recently? Did you make a certain someone a benefactor? Cause you might want to check your jello for anti-freeze. Just sayin

A quick check of your bank balance might reveal that it's a bit lower than you expected, Capricorn. Did your wife take the checkb…

a vacation they will NEVER forget

Damiana Kaine and her boyfriend, Edward Goth were on a romantic trip to Champs Les Sims. The whole family rolled the want, and they were in desperate need of some money, so off they all went on adventure, Damiana, Edward, and Damiana's parents, Maranda and Christopher.  The trip started out nice enough. Maranda went treasure hunting and conquered a tomb and found a lot of loot. Damiana and Edward visited the nectary and had a romantic afternoon. when they returned to the lodge, Edward had a surprise for her.

yes, the magical atmosphere of Champs Les Sims inspired Edward to propose. Damiana was extatic, and of course, accepted. They went to bed and woke early the next morning, to spend their first romantic day together as fiancees. Then, i got a message. A fire had started on the home lot, no doubt from the fire Edward had started to set the mood when he asked for Damiana's hand.

 It raged out of control. and it seemed EVERY NPC from the entire town was suddenly in the living …

Come and help us grow.

after some tweaking and fiddling, i think SIMians is finaly ready to launch to the general public. JOIN HERE!
SIMians is not another forum. SIMians is a SOCIAL NETWORK, set up to accommodate simmers and only simmers. Customize your profile, add videos, music, and blog. there is a status feature and you can write on other simmers walls. But the best part, is that SIMians can link to EVERY sim blog, forum, or CC site in the entire simmerverse. Just add your favorite links in the 'blogs, forums, and CC links' tab, add keywords, and its there for all!
Its the perfect way to get your blog noticed more, or let people easily find your forum. But what SIMians needs, is YOU!  So join today and help our community grow

well at least my voice was heard

a few days ago i posted about the plight of the tiger and how they are soon to be extinct if we dont do something. i also had a link to petition you could sign and send to your senator/congressman.  well i did actualy get a reply from both.
this one was the most promising

Dear so and so

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for increased funding to protect endangered species and critical habitats. I share your concern about these issues, and I agree with you that the protection of wildlife and wild spaces is crucial to our national and global well-being.

Protecting wildlife and wilderness areas is a critical issue and I have long supported legislation to defend threatened animals and habitats. I voted in support of the FY10 Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Appropriations bill which designated more than $16 million for neotropical migratory bird conservation and the multispecies conservation fund. I am pleased to report this bill was signed by the pre…

ok testers

i need to know if others are able to post links to forums, in the 'Sims Forums' section. i also need a pm tester, and a block tester (if there is one), so i know those features work.  (i have also deleted the real name question, because i dont like that feature)
i currently have NO idea how to implement a link to a personal blog. links on the profiles dont seem to work. the RSS feed on the profiles dont seem to work. so if someone has ANY idea what i can do about this, i would appreciate any help at all.

and thank you everyone who is willing to test out and help create this potential new community :)

holy cow

my bf went outside to smoke earlier, and started calling to me, saying come out here, quick. so i run outside, and he says, look at the this slug!
now im all outdoorsy and nature lovin but im like. ok, a slug, whoopdeedoo. till i got a look at it.
look at the SIZE of this thing. yes that my hand. its in a chinese food container. it takes up the whole thing. its a long as my finger, maybe bigger!

and its a really pretty slug too. its got leopard spots all over it and i just couldnt stop looking at it. i can honestly say, its the prettiest slug ive ever seen lol.
i admired it for about 20 minutes and then let it go again, but that is definitely a sight i wont soon forget.

Testers wanted

the other day the Mare's suggested to me i should put my blog in forum in one place. and it got me thinking. what is there was a place where ALL simmers could come together in one spot, and have access to all our private blogs, forums, and CC sites? and have our own myspace type profiles, and friendlists and whatnot... it sounded very good to me.

well, i went looking into making something like this, but its proving to be a bit more complicated than it needs to be. (since i am currently looking for a free host) features are limited. But it might be possible to upgrade to something better later if i can generate enough interest.

so here is my request. If you are interested, bored, curious, please join this still unfinished, virgin site, and help me test it out. I am still trying to get the functionality i want, and it would be great to get some feedback on the project. This site is not officially open yet. So dont be surprised if it seemes, naked. cause it is.

join HERE if you are i…

spent all night in the emergency room

man am i tired.. 5 minutes before my show was about to come on, my son wakes up coughing and sputtering and crying. he cant breathe and his doubled over and sounds like hes vomiting hes coughing so hard. so i leave my daughter with my niece and my sis in law takes us to the ER..
guess it was only an asthma attack, or something. i thought maybe he had bronchitis or something cause of the way it sounded, but after a few breathing treatments it seemed to clear right up. but they had to let us sit there for like FIVE hours in the middle of the dam night, with a rambunctious kid bouncing off the walls cause hes hopped up on amphetamines now, and i got 2 kids waiting for me at home and im dead tired... why do they take so friggin long to get anything done.
i feel like sleeping for a few days

Your Weekly Horror-Scope

You may feel especially warm and loving, Aries, and romance could be on your mind.  Has the dog been humping your leg? The vacuum been giving you that 'come hither' stare? Of course you realize, rubbing up against strangers in the elevator might get you maced.

You woke from some pretty intense dreams, Taurus. There may be meaning in them. Perhaps you saw the winning lottery numbers? Or foresaw a truck about to hit your cat. Or maybe the mailman is going to take you hostage, having a shooting spree with local police, while driving to Mexico in a stolen station wagon, the whole time telling you his plans for world domination. But.... maybe its was just a dream after all.

You may suddenly get a call from an old friend. An old flame looking to reconcile, perhaps an old school chum, looking to borrow money. Or maybe that poker buddy that you forgot about in the desert of Nevada that one time after that crazy party. Wow he made it out alive after all!  Hope hes not mad. Well you know…

whats the point?

seems like everyone i care about or like talking to on a regular basis is leaving.. even Simpletons is dead anymore and i just dont have the energy to keep trying to hold everything together.  my family drains me enough... i used to have time for this stuff, but now im lucky if i even get online long enough to check my mail. its so depressing. i just dont belong anywhere, and when i finaly start to feel a comradery with people, they all leave..
i cant just be one of those 'soccer moms' who bakes pies all day and its all about the kids every second. i am me, i will ALWAYS be me, whether i have kids or not.. but life just wont LET me be me....

8 more mousies

few days ago the same mouse who recently had a litter, just had another one :P so, now i have 8 more little squeekers. i had to buy a new cage of the local freecycle just to house them all. my old cage was too small. i was GOING to use the old cage to house the males so i can keep the population sperate, but the first night i put thme in the new cage they ate holes in the waterbottle that goes to the old one  >:((((
so now i cant use it, unless i can find another waterbottle that fits in the little hole. razzinfrazzing mice lol. 
well my Circe will have plenty of food now, and i get to have fun breeding different colors and coat patterns into the mice as a side hobby ^_^  i looove genetics XD

well i hope i pulled it off ok

i finaly finished my entry for vid's comp. i hope i did ok. it took nearly 2 days to get something i could work with. my sims are terrible actors lol. Altho Zeus there, who i made just for this comp, is actualy pretty easy to work with, hes like puddy in my hands XD
im pretty pleased with this shot, considering i had little to nothing to work with. no clouds, no lightning bolts, no mount olympis to sit on... nada.
i really wish i had gotten an easy god like Demeter lol

enough is enough

leave Jessamine the hell alone. seems everywhere i go today people are drudging up the past and shitstirring about a little girl who never really did anyone wrong. yeah so shes obnoxious, and loud and says dumb shit sometimes. who doesnt? shes fucking 14 for crissake. and its EXTREMELY shitty for people to be talking about her behind her back, something i cannot respect for any reason ever.
this is the reason she left, people. who can take the constant bullying and venom spewed at them day after day, i know i sure as hell wouldnt be able to.  so she offended you once, boohoo. let it go.. its done, its over.

so why dont you all just drop whatever petty little bullshit you have about her and let it fucking die. she is a good person, and doesn't deserve this crap, REGARDLESS of your personal feelings toward her. You dont have to like her, just stop harassing her and dragging her name thru the mud. my guess is, most of you are old enough to know better.

this is a child.. a child with …

Tigers are on the brink of extinction

can you believe the majority of the white tiger population lives at sigfreid and roy's house? altho that little fact is funny, its sad because its true. please sign this petition to help lawmakers pass regulation to protect wild tigers and try to prevent their extinction.
Save The Tigers
i cant imagine a world without this beautiful, majestic, and iconic beast. Poaching and habitat destruction are their biggest enemies. We need to send a message to world leader to pass laws to protect these animals, before there arent any left.
this petition will only take a minute of your time, and who knows, one more voice, might make a difference

Your Weekly Horror-Scope

Why not take that impromptu trip you've been eager to go on, Aries? Adventure calls, and there's nothing to stop you from answering. And it might be a good idea to keep a good distance, because that guy you cut off on the highway? well, Hes looking for you. Best to be out of town, before things get ugly.

Change is in the air, Taurus. Either a new job, new school, or maybe some loose pocket change. Of course, if its in the air its more then likely being tossed at your head. In which case, change isn't good. Although, you can always collect your 'winnings' when the projectiles stop coming.

Your feeling the need to broaden your horizons. Take up a cooking or pottery class.  Learn a new sport. Keep in mind, midget tossing is not a sport, and has been banned in most bars these days. Stick to something simple.. like lawn darts.

Today is a day for romance. Some flowers may arrive unexpectedly to your home or office, from a secret admirer.. Think hard who it could be fro…

WARNING- foul language

this is ridiculous.... i have added my 2 cents at the bottom GAINESVILLE, Fla. – As thousands of Afghans protested a tiny Florida church's plan to burn the Muslim holy book, the church's pastor said he won't follow through with the burning if he's able to meet Saturday with the organizers behind a mosque planned near ground zero in New York. In Afghanistan, at least 11 people were injured Friday in protests. Police in the northern province of Badakhshan said several hundred demonstrators ran toward a NATO compound where four attackers and five police were injured in clashes. Protesters also burned an American flag at a mosque after Friday prayers. In western Farah province, police said two people were injured in another protest. Speaking to NBC's "Today" show, the Rev. Terry Jones said if he meets with the imam in New York, he won't burn the Quran. It wasn't clear if he meant the burning would be halted indefinitely or just for Saturday. Ima…


first day of school!! WHOOPEEEEE!!

this is appalling

TEHRAN, Iran – The lawyer for an Iranian woman sentenced to be stoned on an adultery conviction said Monday that he and her children are worried the delayed execution could be carried out soon with the end of a moratorium on death sentences for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
In an unusual turn in the case, the lawyer also confirmed that Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was lashed 99 times last week in a separate punishment meted out because a British newspaper ran a picture of an unveiled woman mistakenly identified as her. Under Iran's clerical rule, women must cover their hair in public.
With the end of Ramadan this week, the mother of two could be executed "any moment," said her lawyer, Javid Houtan Kian.
The sentence was put on hold in July after an international outcry over the brutality of the punishment, and it is now being reviewed by Iran's supreme court.
Ashtiani was convicted in 2006 of having an "illicit relationship" with two men after …

well, happy birthday, TMN!

congratulations on a year of blogging! wow a whole year! I dunno how you ladies do it lol. but heres to another year of tmn!

yet another illegal paysite

So a new site has cropped up, Soulful Sims.  I took a look at it, its not bad. well put together, creative layout.. But the fact remains that its still ILLEGAL TO CHARGE FOR EA'S PRODUCTS.  And from what i looked at, there didnt seem to be anything good there anyway. See Angelic Evil's post here for more details.

Pay for nothing, people. This is why we have  PMBD. You wanna give EA your money, thats fine. But these other people cannot legally charge you for ANYTHING

MY house that the launcher wont let me upload

This is my fantabulous Gothic Manor. Completely original floorplan and design, but based on my legacy families tastes and needs. It turned out to actualy be too SMALL for my legacy family (they have assloads of stuff lol) So i renovated the house and added a third floor, as i can no longer get basements to work with a foundation (THANX EA)

So, without further adieu, here is 696 Underworld Road

This house features a large pond stocked with Deathfish, and a scenic graveyard for any gothic sims delight

the ground floor. Large interior area could be used as a living space, a ballroom, or perhaps a grand library. 2 bathrooms, and 2 smaller living areas, for kitchen and a study/tv room.

second floor. 4 large bedrooms or 3 bedrooms and a nursery. or a study. i leave all the rooms empty so you can place whatever you wish in each room. again, we have 2 bathrooms on this floor, and a balcony.

Third floor, above the freizes.  A large open space for decorative items or perhaps ambit…