Sunday, May 30, 2010

R.I.P. Dio

i just read TMN, and heard about Ronnie James Dio. a pioneer in the industry, a legend, and as much a father of metal as Ozzy Osbourne. You will be missed, Dio.  Your music will always live on.

On another sad not, Gary Coleman, of different strokes has also died. He suffered complications from a fall and died in the hospital. RIP to you both.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

ho hum

soo the EA forum is down again and im bored. Im taking a little break from elder scrolls oblivion. How many hours strait can you plunder dungeons without a break haha.

but then i come on here and boom, no forum. fek. so i made that tutorial on town management i had been meaning to get around to for a while now. im always just itching for an excuse to use snagit lol.

hopefully it will help alot of ppl tho. i hear ppl ask the same questions on the ea forum everyday. since i cant actualy post it on ea today, i put it on simpletons. at least ot can be linked if someone needs it.

i guess i should get back to goblin smashing since ther is nothing else to do.. *sigh*

Thursday, May 27, 2010

a little tweaking

ok so it was brought to my attention that i had that annoying captcha dohicky on and some ppl couldnt post comments. blek, i hate those things. so, i went into settings and disabled it. i had everything on default, never really messed with any of that. sooo now the random public can comment too.. im sure i wont regret THAT desicion lol

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

and now for somthing completely different...

well im tired of looking at all the angry blogs and seeing everyone upset, so im gonna try to change the subject. not like many ppl even know my blog is here lol. this is mostly here to entertain myself, and give me someone to talk to. YES i talk to myself, gotta problem?

anyways, what was i saying?? oh yeah! vacation pictures time! here are some pics form the state park i went camping in. it was SO beautiful, i cant wait to go back. i grew up in the woods so im no stranger to wilderness, and even i was amazed at the beauty here.

this was our cabin. it doesnt look like much, but it was actualy pretty nice inside.

this was one of the bathroom stations. lol even the bathrooms were scenic

this was a little waterfall that was coming out of the backside of the lake.. uh uhuh uhuh.. backside...

here is one of the lakes... we only had time to visit one of them, the park was so big, we didnt get to see hardly any of it. i wish i could have gone fishing or swimming, but the season hadnt opend yet so the water was closed.

here is a fish! he was swimming right by the shore sunning himself.

the lake again

this is the little swamp that was behind our cabin. this picture came out so great im using it as a desktop lol.

i LOVE swamps and ponds and woods. like i said, i grew up in the wilderness. i spent my childhood catching frogs and snakes and turtles. other little girls were collecting friendship bracelets and talking about debbie gibson, i was swamp diving. this place felt like home to me.

i spent a good hour down there enjoying the swamp. this is from the opposite side

here is a frog i almost caught. the last ten years sitting behind a computer have made me soft lol. my hunting skills are sub par at best. i used to be able to catch frogs blindfolded.

this is the crow that stole our marshmallows. we left the bag on the picnic table over night, and i woke up to find this little thief pilfering our sweets. he was flying away with one in his beak. the rest of the day he sat in that tree bitching at us lol. 'hey man! get outta here so i can get more marshmellows!!'

well thats about it!  i cant WAIT to go back. this park was absolutely amazing and there is still so much to see and do. i have more pictures, but id rather not post personal photos on a public blog, ill post them to simpletons later maybe. i hope you enjoyed my little photo safari.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

just got back

from camping, boy did we have fun! i have a ton of pictures that i might post later, or maybe ill just post them on simpletons, ill decide later. but i was reading up on the The Mares Nest issues that i missed and i was a little disgusted.

i cant beleive how many people are going around saying that the jack incident had 'gone too far' and bla bla. wtf??

do you KNOW what kind of potential danger that boy was?? perhaps im mearly the paranoid type, but i also watch shows like forensic files, and i have SEEN what happens when crazy people  get pissed at random strangers on the internet...

there was one story in particular that comes to mind. and this is NOT a scripted show, these are true stories.
18 year old boy is selling CB radios out of his house through his website. he decides to pull the ol  switcheroo on people, charging them 300 dollars for a top of the line machine, but instead, sends them a crappier one, pocketing the difference.

naturaly this pissed alot of ppl off. one person in particular, some married middle class 'normal' person, was so pissed it ate away at him. he fumed and fumed untill he couldn't stand it anymore and wanted revenge. he sent this boy a BOMB.

 he knew nothing about this kid (or even that he WAS a kid) but he knew his address.  a package arrives one morning and the kids mom hands it to him. he opens it, and the both blow up. the kid was blown to pieces. the mom was horribly disfigured and permanently scarred.

THIS REALLY HAPPENED. you think TMN went too far?? how long do you think jack could have gone on doing what he was doing and NOT get this same kinda fate on his head??

i love how the majority of the 'know it alls' in the sims community arent even out of their teens yet and seem to think they have the whole world figured out.

Friday, May 21, 2010

did hell freeze over today?

i was reading the sims 3 forum earlier today, and i saw somthing shocking.

Jarsie9, was actualy nice to someone! Not only was she not deliberatly storming into the thread just to be rude and make a point, she seemed to actualy commend someone.

maybe she is maturing a bit lol

well thats all for me this week ladies and gents, im off on a camping trip for the weekend!! talk to everyone when i get back XD

Thursday, May 20, 2010

my entire life i have wanted a unicorn

and now, i have one! in the xbox version of elder scrolls oblivion of course. i was wandering thru the beautiful countryside when i happened upon a magical glen. i was charged by minotaurs! they came from every angle, and were far too powerful for me to even attempt to fight. i ran, dodging blows from the chasing minotaurs and jumping over rocks, desperate to find a safe haven.
ahead of me, i saw it. standing, still as a statue, surrounded by light.  it stood peacefully unaware at what thundered toward it. the minotaurs were closing in, and i leapt into the air. i landed on the unicorn's back, and together,   we ran.

ive never been so excitied!!! not only did i actualy get to see a unicorn in a game, i actualy hunting him down and captured him!! and now hes MINE!!

i have to be careful where i leave him tho, or he will try to return to the glen. but as long as i can help it, that unicorn isnt going anywhere.

my whole life i have wanted a unicorn....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

im tired of talking to recordings.

for weeks now, some debt collectors have been calling my house with recorded messeges and harassing me... which would be annoying enough if it was MY debt. but they have the wrong number.

but can i TELL them they have the wrong number? no, because its always a freekin recording!! so week after week i have to deal with these irritating phone calls that can never be resolved because i dont even know the person they are trying to reach.

is it so dam hard to have live operators these days? it would be SOO much easier to just tell a live person, 'hey its a wrong number, dumbass!!'

instead i have to listen to this robot telling me so and so has a debt to pay. good for her. i dont have credit cards for this EXACT reason.
fuck debt. why should i deal with someone ELSES debt problem? fuckwits.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010


dont feel like playin sims today. trying to do chores in five minute intervals when my daughter isnt looking.. cause when she notices im missing she gets into serious trouble lol.
like,  hacking into computer files kinda trouble. this girl is too smart for her own good. she doesnt even know what shes doing, she just pushes buttons and manages to delete whole programs on me x_x
*sigh* makes life interesting i guess lol

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

blogger difficulty

i dont seem to be able to comment on anyones blog anymore. so dont feel as if im not active on your sites anymore, i just cant comment :(

hopefully itll be fixed soon

Saturday, May 8, 2010


TMN made a leather jacket for Simpletons!! you guys are awesomesause!!!

Zeri loves it!! this is SO much like an outfit i would really wear, my sim is too freaky now lol

somthing wrong with that boy..

my son walks into the kitchen. he sees a big boiling pot of spaghetti on the stove.  he turns to me and askes,
 "what smells like spaghetti in here?"

capt. obvious rides again lol

Friday, May 7, 2010

feeling very silly today

djever just feel really goofy? get like that somtimes. dont mind me....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

got a new 'pet'

because i consider houseplants pets. they are as much a pet as a goldfish lol. i got somthing called a 'wonder egg' plant. never saw one before, its neat. grows little egg sized berries. i cant wait to see what this thing looks like. heres a picture i found.

the jury is out on whether they are edible. some sites say yes, some no. but regardless, it looks really cool and i cant wait to see it grow!

Monday, May 3, 2010

build your own kaleidoscope ::

build your own kaleidoscope ::

this is a very cool little webtoy thing


well my daughter got me up way too early AGAIN. and i dont know what to post but its been a while since i updated so i figured i might as well post SOMTHING.

watched that 'into the universe with stephen hawking' last night. i love that stuff. been a long time since ive gotten to think about anything other than appointments and whats for dinner. i love thinking about the universe and all the possibilities it holds. i really crave intellectual conversation. my family is a no-intelligence zone. how can you have serious conversations about infinity with a 7 year old? how can you explain string theory to a a 10 year old whos main interest is sims and kitties? lol

ahh i love them but i need some adults to talk to now and then