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i think i got it! (i hope)

well it took windows defender, malwarebites, and spybot to find and destroy all of the them, but i think my machine might finally be clean.

its not acting odd at least, so if there is another one in there, its hiding REAL good.

well what an adventure this was. havent had a virus in years. and this one was a doozy all right.

yay virus!

well my machine is in some serious doodoo.
since i couldnt log in to my mmo for some reason, im avoiding facebook so i dont get star wars spoilers, and the battery on my 3DS died, i was bored and went looking for new games to download.

my daughter sent me a link to something and i KNEW the site looked sketchy, and all my red flag warning were flying up in my head. but she said she downloaded it fine, so i ignored my instincts and downloaded it anyway..

and IMMEDIATELY windows defender went apeshit. malware malware! it cried. so i stopped the download and deleted it.

but alas, it was already too late.
about 5 thousand small malware programs got in, at least one HUGE trojan, and who know how many worms and other irritating viruses that im still hunting down and trying to remove. defender got the trojan and most of the malware, but there is still something here.

i know it, but defender doesnt see it. so im trying to hunt it down myself with my limited computer skills.
i know its here, lu…