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am i the only one not jumping on the sims 2 bandwagon?

i didnt give a shit about it a year ago, and i dont give a shit about it now. i already have all the fucking eps, i could have played them whenever i wanted.

now its sims 2 sims 2 sims 2 everywhere i go. yeah it was a great game. then. its a ho hum game now.

sims 2 aint got SHIT on sims 3. is it just a nostalgia thing? cause i think its a propaganda thing.

sims 4 is basically sims2 redeux. so to distract peopel from "heeeey this is missing crap we already have in sims 3!!" they are saying

look over here! sims2 for free!

and once you get used to playing sims 2, sims 4 will seem like a grand improvement.

not buying into it.

still ove sims 3. still love open world. still love cast. still love toddlers. couldnt care less about pools to be honest, but boats, horses, rain. fuck yeah sims 3.

so here i am

i think i got my simself a little closer this time. man its hard to get it just right.

i think she just might be stupid looking enough XD. im sticking with this one for a while. she is satisfactory. i had a really good one a while back that i liked but i lost her for some reason and shes not on my page anymore. every single one ive tried to make since has looked weird to me. plus ive needed to update her every time there is new traits lol. now shes perfect (traitwise)

derp.. pie

yep... socially awkward, so every time she talks to people she puts her foot in her mouth and gets embarrassed. spot on. shy, animal lover, childish, and um.. the forgetful one, forgot what its called. and a witch. cause they are more fun than vamps ^_^. might trade out childish for clumsy eventually but eh, im fine with it.

so this is the house i built for her. i really had no ideas. i saw this great island with nobody on it (well one guy but i moved him someplace else) and i HAD to put a big ol lot there.…

adventures in dragon valley

so i made a new simself (the other one was just kinda weird looking) and stole the old one's dog, cat, and robot, and moved her into dragonvalley.

got a little bored of my rockstar genie guy. for now. just need a break i guess (and hes a constant reminder of all my game issues lol)
build this really cool victorian house on the water on a private island.

my robot, Iron Maiden.  she has a my little pony holo pet on one shoulder, and a dragon on the other lol

my 2 roomates! my daughter discovered the roomate feature and i had to try it out (i had roomates in college, but i had no idea you could do it in homeworld) neither of my roomates like me.

got this random zombie. isnt he handsome? looove the look on his face lol.

i seem to have forgotten to get a pic of my , my dogs, or my house HAHA

fixed it

so it turns out the problem WAS the store fix. so i installed a previous version and now the game saves after building.

but, shortly after saving the game crashed to desktop lol. i dont think its directly related (cause it has a habit of doing that occasionally).

i just dont know if i feel like loading it all up again right now. i love this game but ffs it take forever to actually get it running

so my game just may be fubar.

im having a serious problem and i cant figure out the cause or solution.

everything was working fine for a long time. i recently sent my sim to college, and when he returned i tried to build him his own room. upon saving the game 'crashed' saving forever untill i control alt deleted.

i have spent the last 2 weeks trying to fix this, to no avail. removing any and all things recently downloaded (which wasnt much) has yielded nothing. deleting cache, nope, moving faily to new town/lot, nope, its GAME WIDE.

so resetlot also was useless. tried running as administrator, nothing. im about out of ideas to try. i went to user permissions and made everying 'allow' but i already ran as administrator so i fail to see how this will make a difference.

i have all eps/stuff packs and almost all store content, which means there will be NO patch or any help from ea AT ALL.

twallan is also gone, so no help from that direction. if i cant figure this out my game will be permanantly handic…


the game is very strange sometimes. so Nikaru was dating this cute werewolf in high school. they hooked up randomly at the prom and dated until he aged up. she still had a while to go, so i had him break up with her because i knew i was sending him to college, and he would be dating other chicks.

well, he dumped her and they stayed friends, and off to college he went. he dated several girls while in college, and when almost none of them stayed very friendly with him after he dumped them. (especially the cheerleader he dumped via text message, booy was she mad)

well, after being home a while, Gail aged up to YA.. and for some reason was automatically Nikaru's girlfriend again! ha, never saw that happen before. so i said screw it, and just let them be together. shes isnt all that bad looking for a random townie, and shes a werewolf, so thats fun. her personality kinda sucks, but o well

they started a band. No Survivors lol

no beauty queen, but not too shabby

fire proof my ass

so my sim in uni, who im almost sure is a pyro AND fireproof, decided to eat a magic jellybean on his way to class.

well it didnt end well for him. there are no showers in his apartment, and by the time the firemen came he had 'expired'

i was like WHAT? hes fucking fireproof! are you kidding me??
AAAH! i had to go back to main menu and play from my last save which was like 4 days ago. (sim time)

man this guy is NEVER gonna graduate lol


so sims crashed :( and i dont remember when i last saved so i think i will be a very grouchy simmer when i return.

my sim had just gone back to uni to finish up his degree, and i dont think i saved since i had been there. was only his second day, but already he dumped his cheerleader girlfriend (in a text no less, what a dick!) found a new sexy rebel roommate, and met the cute chubby girl he has had his eye on all year.

so it would suuuuuck if i have to redo all that, i doubt i will even come across the rebel girl and the chubby chick again :(

college antics

all college life. its take me this long to stick with one family long enough to get a teen to turn young adult and try out the university ep. (i sent one guy of of cas but didnt stay long) its much more fun when you 'know' the sim.

  this sim, is Nikaru Awesome. his father was a world class magician. his mother was a martial artist and an equestrian. they wanted the best for their son. but all he wants to do is play guitar.

 he enrolled in the fine arts. hes doing quite well, got on the deans list and is partying every night. mostly chicks ask him to parties. but hes not interested in them because

 he landed himself the hot cheerleader! how did she ever agree to go out with this loser? who knows, but she seems head over heels for him. he sings her sonnets.

    and being a rebel he has to shout about 'the man' and spray paint everything in sight. hes is having a blast!

o looky, the cheerleader finaly let him sketch her nude! oo la la

mouse soul video

has anyone seen that video where the guy films a mouse in a trap and then a 'soul' flies up off screen at its moment of death? i wont post it here, if you are interested in seeing it google is your friend.

so how many people believe this shit at face value?
i think it is fake. i looks around for some evidence that it is fake, but nothing yet, its too new a video i guess, but here is the thing.

WHY is he filming a mouse's death? people dont just film shit like that unless they are seriously twisted. so, he intended to add a spirit to the film, its the only logical explanation as to why he filmed it in the first place.

unless he IS seriously twisted and then WHY would you reveal your sick mind to the public? even IF you saw something as amazing as a soul. i just dont understand the motivation here, to film this animals death.

this is an obvious fake to me. not because i dont believe in souls, but because i think this smells very staged to me.

do you agree or disagree? lets d…

this apple fell FAR from the tree

father and son. cant you just see the resemblance?? lol

save yourself

its seems like a no brainer, but you should save your game often. if that little voice in your head say 'you should probly save' you should PROBABLY save.
no' o ill wait till i finish this skill point' or 'as soon as my sim gets back home' no buts and ifs, save that fucker.

cause usually that is what i do.. that little voice says 'hey yano, maybe you should save cause its been a while' and i often tell it to wait a minute, i got shit to do.

well this time i listened.. and not 10 minutes later the game crashed. definitely happy i payed attention to my simmy guardian lol. it had been a LONG time since i saved last and that would have really cheesed me off.

thank you for the creepy sleeping companion

"wtf is this, dad? should i hug it? stab it? is it going to eat me? hello? where are you going? no, dont turn the lights off!!!"

i am done with outside already this summer

its only the first day of july and its like 9 million degrees. thats not exactly normal for my area. my son already got a sunburn (and i DID put sunblock on him) my daughter already got a tick, and our street already flooded.

plus we are getting thunderstorm/flash flood warnings all week, so yay my house might float away.
no climate change my ass.

so this one very outdoorsy person is now very much indoorsy. fuck outside.

never thought i would wish for winter.

im probably going to have to move to higher ground in the next few years if these weather trends continue (or worsen). and not just me, probalby this entire area.

this river flood pretty frequently and more sporadic rainfall is only going to exacerbate the problem.

this is just one of those low bank leaky ass rivers. they never should have put towns so close to it in the first place.