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so i bit somebody today

in eso you can have 5 guilds simultaneously. up untill now i have only been in 2 really. i joined a few others but didnt really like any of them. small dinky shit guilds where nobody talked.

well today i saw an ad for a guild with a cool name so i went ahead and joined it. seems cool so far. but then like 10 minutes later somebody near me just randomly added me to THEIR guild.

so i said fuck it and went ahead and joined that one too. its got a dumb name but so far everyone seems pretty cool. and there was one girl who wanted a werewolf bite, so i said i would bite her if she wanted.

but then she dc'd or somthing and i wasnt sure she still wanted it, so i wandered off.
then, i noticed that someone new joined my OTHER new guild and it was her haha. funny coincidence!

now we are in 2 guilds together :P

well since we are such besties now, i pm'd her asking if she still wanted that bite. i took her out to Hircine's shrine and took me a minute to figure it out, but i did it :)

the harrar

so young Prince Zander aged up... and GAH what is that?

what the hell happend??

Castle Tarn, and the Royal family

Castle Tarn. there was a lovely little lake in the middle of roaring heights that had a road leading right up to it. seemed the perfect place to build a castle. unfortunately, roaring heights isnt exactly the right theme for a castle. o well.

 The lord of Castle Tarn is King Falcon Pendragon. Hes a good king but hes only about 5 foot tall. His royal robes weigh more than he does.

 He met a fine lady from another land. Sakuri Hondo. She is a strong athletic princess who is at least a foot taller than him and can probably bench him as well. She excels at archery and simfu. Falcon is quite smitten

 They fell for each other quite fast. Falcon spent every free moment with Sakuri.

 in fact, Sakuri seemed to find herself in the sort of trouble an unmarried princess doesnt want to get into.

Falcon proposed right away. Any children he had were going to be legitimate heirs. Sakuri accepted, but really, she would be a fool not to.

unfortunately the castle governor met an untimely end fixing…

fucking livid

why cant these godamned Christians just leave my family the fuck alone? no you may NOT indoctrinate my daughter, thank you very much. keep your imaginary friend worship in your own fucking house.

first they call her the devil for not having religeon and then they try to drag her to church?? and now she all upset cause she was convinced she was going somewhere fun. WTH are they telling her? church isnt fucking happy fun time. its not a party. they got her convinced shes missing out on somthing.
you know its probably about time i just stopped trying to be friends with religious people.

all they want to do is fucking convert you. i try to be tolerant of other people's beliefs, but when the FUCK are they ever tolerant of me? WHEN? NEVER.

its time to stop being fucking tolerant.



so got me a new outfit and and a new dye. woo black and red!

 ima werewolf now too! RAWR!! I LOVE BEING A WEREWOLF SO MUCH


 battle scene! almost like fighting a dragon in skyrim

 realxin by the fire with a nice glass of wine

arrrooo!! wolfing out again! i got my werewolf maxed in like 2 days

 sometimes, i just sit under a tree and fucking appreciate the scenery. this game is gorgeous

hey snake, this is MY picture

social anxiety is stupid

so i was cruising around craisglist and saw an ad for a video game tester. 'send resume, bla blah' it said. i wanted to respond but was too nervous to do so, so i closed the window.

2 days later i came back and looked at the ad again, tempted to reply. after all, gaming is what i do! it might be the only damn thing i am good at. but this is a serious step. they want a resume, i cant write a resume! i know nothing about any of that stuff! i close the window and go back to whatever.

next day i come back again. maybe i should risk it. i mean, what if its a legit opportunity and im missing it? what if they give it to someone else? your wasting time, man! i hover over the ad for a good half hour debating on whether or not to reply. i leave the site again.

4th day i come back. i have what im going to say all planned out. i click on the ad ready finally to respond. i hesitate... for like 15 minutes. ok im doing this!
i open up my email and start typing. no idea how to do a resume so …

happy mothers day

to all you mom out there