curse you, sanguinare vampiris!!

i was hoping to get thru one game where i dont become a supernatural of some kind. i was doing the dawnguard storyline and i guess i must have been bitten and didnt realize it. now i have vampirism -_-
great... a vampire, vampire hunter. and im not evne the cool ass vampire lord kind either just a regular sucky ass vampire. bleh. o well, its the little unexpected things that make it interesting! lol


  1. woo! luckily i wasnt far enough along for it to be permanent. a little cure disease fixed me right up ^_^

  2. I'm having the same trouble. A waste of all that effort to have my soul drained to go through the portal instead of becoming a vampire. I guess there's a chance of getting bitten if you fight vampires. Luckily the cure disease potion works.

  3. o yeah i almost forgot about that part! i had to do that soul draining thing when i did it with Mandu (hes a werewolf). been so out of practice i forgot to keep an eye on my active effects while fighting vampires. ill have to be extra vigilant now :)
    i play werewolves and vamps so often its a novelty to be a mortal haha

  4. im pretty sure there is a way to cure it if you get full blown vampirism, i just havent tried it myself before. im not sure if there is a way to cure lycanthropy or not. they hint at a cure, but i dont recall coming across any more information about it. and i always enjoyed being one so i never bothered lol

  5. It takes 3 days after you get the virus to become a vampire and cure disease works until then. Becoming a werewolf cures being a vampire. And I think the opposite also applies. Once you complete the companions quest then you should be able to permanently cure being a werewolf but you need to find another witch.

  6. yeah i have cured vampirism before, both before it 'soaks in' and after. i just never cured lycanthropy cause i never wanted to. i suppose ill have to if i want to keep this toon mortal, because you cant exactly avoid the werewolf curse in the companions storyline. im still undecided tho if i want her to be mortal forever. ive played SO many werewolves i suppose its time to cure it


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