testing and bug report

who better to test out a town that i made than me? XD
 i plop Zeri down on an empty lot and already i can spot a problem. alot of the lots (especialy by the river) are very sloped, and really difficult to place prefab lots on. not so easy to build on either.

we;; we bang out a quick little starter house. i love the view from this lot

Zeri really loves her new trashcan

 no crazy about these chairs tho

 after looking around at her little shack, i sent her downtown for a bite to eat. luckily, nraas mod has already begun populating my town :) (i added a few empty houses and random families as well. gotta have neighbors!)

i also realized while i was in town that i forgot the military/police station (wasnt sure if the castle has those included or not) it doesnt, so i will have to add that.

 can you think of a better place for a vampire to sleep other than in front of a big window?

 ahh the first time ive seen my town at night :)

 well cant see the too well with the window glare, but its a lovely view

 yes yell at the claw, its the machine's fault you suck

 for some reason Zeri decided to go swimming like an hour before the car pool. took her an hour just to get into the water lol

and here is where she works! the funny thing is, i was going to put the weather stone here in CAW, but figured i should just let the game place it. and there is it, just where i was gona put it lol

ive also noticed that the cars sink into the road just a teensy bit here and there. its hardly noticable, but its the kinda thing that will big me. im not sure how to fix it either.

well thats all i got to last night, more bug reports later


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