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well isnt that just fucking dandy

i havent posted much about my personal life  lately.  so ill need to provide some backstory.
about a year ago i got a call from my uncle saying some collections agency was trying to get a hold of me. i have very little contact with what little family i have left so just getting a call from one of them was a surprise. apparently they were looking for the children of my father, and found him (my father's brother) most likely because i had married and changed my name.

so he gave the lady my number and she calls like the next day. it seems that my father (who passed a few years back) had some sort of insurance policy that was unclaimed, and they were looking for my brother (who also passed) because he was on the policy. (not me, him, so THATS a nice fuck you from dad)

i explained that i am the only remaining child and he had a wife at the time of his death. long story short, it was a sum of about 60 grand, that both surviving family members would inherit.  all i had to do was provide…

short and sweet

Belisima threw herself a bachelorette party. she invited her mother, of course, elvira slayer and one other friend. love day is just around the corner, and since they got engaged so close to it, i might as well make it their wedding day

 i set up the upstaris balcony with a wedding arch. the view from here is lovely!

 not long after the wedding night, belisima starts to show. wooo time to get this show on the road!

 Keifer couldnt be happier

 a little girl was born, named Ariadne. she has nearly ALL the supernatural traits, in addition to the hidden traits this family normally has.. ug... mermaid and vampire are back. i might have to change things

 Keifer soon aged up. you can really see his awkward profile now

the camera suddenly shifted to the house and i thought one of the old folks was dying.. but no, apparantly Keifer just set one of them on fire. dude why. why would you set your elderly father on fire, you wackadoodle


that awkward moment when youve read about the dumbest fucking thing anyone has ever said on social media, and you cant really say anything to them because its your mom...

omg.. how did i come from THAT.. i think i lost several IQ points just reading that gibberish.

im glad i was raised by HBO  and not these nitwits

pervert alert

Muther is always making teppenyaki for some reason... no one here eats real food.

 i got this mod the other day that lets you take the script form one thing and stick it on another thing. its pretty nifty. i made this houseplant a hamper

 so keifer threw a party. i think it was a spookyday party. he invited his family and few close friends, which included the hemlock family. their daughter, belisima, came as well. and she was now a teen. he was talking to her and i saw the 'move in' option show up and i thought oooh this is too good.

 he invited her to live with him, and she accepted. well why wouldnt she? hes rich, hes famous, hes a rockstar, and he lives in a castle.

 so keifer kidnaps a teenage girl away from her family so she can be his future bride. uhm.. creepy?

 luckily her family doesnt care much, they are still good friends with him. maybe they are just hoping their daughter has a better life. he spends his days dancing and partying just waiting till shes legal


aurora skies is no more

tried to play in my Samhain save game, but error trap was going ballistic. 1000+ errortraps and steadily rising.
that coupled with the annoying problem i have in my house where there is a 'dead spot' where you cant click on anything without moving the camera, i decided to pack up and leave town.

so i chose a custom town i have been playing with another family. i dont usually like to run 2 legacies in the same town but this town is too good to NOT use. i dont even have to do anything to it.

most towns i have to tweak, add a lot here, put in a festival lot, add some dive lots, nope thie one comes with all that shit already. AND has a t least 4 64x64 lots to choose from, so i dont have to play from the same exact place every time. woot

i do have to add townies but thats not even a problem.  i prefer it actually. i hate having to live with the same sims in a new town over and over again. i can add who i want.

 first i loaded up the graves and any other hard to replace items in the…