im very pleased

not really one to toot my own horn or anything, but im really pleased with the way my town is turning out so far.
i just play tested it in game and so far it looks so nice. i really need to straiten out my roads or something tho, because im having trouble getting lots to line up properly.

 some of the roads are extreamly bumpy looking. i thought this may be a problem, but the cars seem to drive on them just fine with no mishap.

 from overhead you can see the seam where i patched the map into the distance terrain. its really icky looking

 but from ground (sim) level, you really cant see it

 so im not overly worried about it

 i will have to fix some of the roads to make them straiter, place lots, and then i will probalby do the painting and small detail last.

im so excited! this town is really coming along and i never even really expected to get this far.


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