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Your Weekly Horror-Scope

You have natural leadership qualities, Aries, which makes you the perfect candidate for bossing people around. Your over-inflated sence of importance drives you to the top, and you dont care who you trample on the way up there. watch out for those knives in your back when you finally DO get up there. stepping on people to get ahead makes more enemies than friends.

Today you feel in control and on top of the world. You can do anything, Taurus. Except fly. DO remember that you cannot fly, Taurus.. Or there will be a terrible mess for the fireman to clean up later.

You may want to check the bushes outside your apartment today, Gemini. There just may be a stalker hanging around outside, waiting to get into the backseat of your car. But fear not, Gemini. A little mace goes a long way.

Just because you feel invincible doesn't necessarily mean that you are, Cancer. It IS noble to stand up to bullies in the hallway, But there is a fine line between being brave, and being stupid.  Chargin…

Huzzah for TMN

as i take this tiny break from cooking dinner, i just want to personally thank the mares nest for figuring out who that sicko pervert anon poster was on the EA forum.
goodness knows EA wouldnt have done anything about it on their own... Thank you Mare's, for ridding the community of one filthy individual.

got my lappy online!!

which means ill be online alot more, an annoying everyone!!! muahahahaha there is n hope for any of you now :P

my street is the drama capital of the world

wisteria lane has got nuthing on this place. lol. so, after a somewhat boring day of birthday fun, we were sitting out on the front porch eating cake when we heard screams and the sound of someone being beaten. we tried to mind our buisness about it at first, but when the screams continued, we called the cops. back in the olden days, domestic abuse was 'politely' ignored. well it was so loud and scary that we thought someone was being bludgeoned. but, its just not a day on my street, if the cops arent around SOMEWHERE, lol.

and just yesterday my neighbors on either side of me, were fighting and yelling in the street. the 'adult' neighbor insulting and making threats against my other teenage neighbor.  its just crazy around here sometimes.

well, i would like to thank everyone who wish me happy birthday. :) and to the mare i would just like to say, altho LE and i share the same birthdate, i think i have been '29' longer than she has lol

and i think my new lappy i…

happy berfday to me

soo tomorrow is the big... 29 lol. this will be the 6th or 7th time i turned 29 XD
im baking a cake right now so i dont have to worry about doing it tomorrow. its also my sons birthday, so having 2 birthdays in one day can be a big crazy mess. lol.
but i really just make it about him, cause im too old to have birthdays anyway. my bf DID get me a present tho. he got me a lappy so i can go internetting when im outside watching the kids and stuff ^_^
now i can be an even BIGGER loser!! XDDD

oh and happy birthday to lady em too, since i just found out its also HER birthday tomorrow :D

The Escapist : Video Galleries : Zero Punctuation : The Sims 3

The Escapist : Video Galleries : Zero Punctuation : The Sims 3

funniest dam video i have seen in a long time. thank you Yazzie XD

EA's Epic Fail-ity never ceases to amaze me.

So apparently on the EA forum recently, you have been able to post anonymously in certain sections. (mainly the newer sections).
Whether they did this accidentally or deliberately is unclear. But what has been happening, is now that people have realized that you CAN post anon, a certain perverted individual has begun posting pornographic images on threads. Really, twisted, sick shit.
OK EA WTF? People can get banned for lolcats, and cup on a stick or whatever it was, or even mentioning awesomemod, but this sicko can go around posting naughty parts and nothing is done about it?? SERIOUSLY????

first of all, it was always set that you could NOT post on EA forum unless you were registered. That is the way it ALWAYS was. That alone kept the weirdo element off that site. So why let anons post? For fun? Oversight?? STUPIDITY???

i hope EA gets some kinda IP address on this sick person and has them arrested. They need to be made a public example of, so other demented ppl dont try this kinda c…

i WANT to like this hair...

buuut, something about it just makes me go "bleah"

Your Weekly Horror-Scope

Today may seem like any other day, but dont be fooled. The stars predict many unlikely scenarios in your immediate future. Winning the lottery, finding a wallet loaded with money, or stumbling into a previously undiscovered cavern, are all NOT very likely. What IS more likely, is falling down a flight of stairs, getting a toe caught in a lawnmower, or stumbling into a cave full of angry bears.

Don't be surprised if sometime during the day you feel angry for no apparent reason, Taurus. Thats because you just an easily irritated person. Did you REALLY need to flip that guy off at the gas station? So he got to the pump 3 seconds before you, let it go. Your 'me first' attitude is going to get you punched one day. Your lucky color is black and blue

Love is in the air, Gemini. Love for your fellow man, love for your animal friends, love for trees and rocks, love for soft fluffy pillows, love for wallpaper, the toaster oven, a loin of pork, and some watermelon seeds, and most of…


my hit counter is at 1? it was at like 4000 somthing and now its at one??? now im kinda mad. i gotta find a new one and start over. stupid crappy thing >:(

ok now its back... wierd :/

now its at 1 again, ARG!! time to hunt down a new one i guess

omg, nooooooo

well, this morning as i was carrying the coffee decanter to the sink to fill it, my dumb retard cat tripped me and i dropped it. luckily the glass didnt shatter, (for his sake and mine) but the lid snapped off, and now the coffee pot wont work properly.
which means im deprived of my morning coffee... for weeks.. i cant affrod a new coffee pot right now... ARGG!!!!


well, i forgot my horror scopes again the week

i been really slackin lol. well i have been busy with RL, the sims, and my MMORPG, so its hard to remember everything sometimes lol.

oh byw, anyone know where i can get this hair? Nouk Afro Headband
it no longer seems to be in my game, and i cant access the page on MATY where it used to be.

stupid assface EA

im so tired of there shit. yes i went on the forum earlier and had a shit fit, and ill probably be banned myself for it. but at least ill have DESERVED it. how many ppl get banned who dont deserve it? how many???

here is the messege i gave EA

how DARE you ban florida1cowboy? there wasnt even anything wrong with his post, you fucktards!! EAT SHIT YOU BASTARDS!


more like, "i have an asscrack on my head"

The Son's Return

my favorite show is on its way back!  Sons of Anarchy

Jeepers, a Creeper!

so some of you may remember a few posts back, about the slutty guy who wanted to go cheat on his wife (with 4 kids) to go bang some tramp from myspace. WELL.. i find out today this guy is a registered sex offender and raped some girl down the street.. (well, so says the neighborhood gossip, and i take gossip with a grain of salt) i couldnt actually find him on the registered sex offender website, but that doesnt mean i want him hanging around my house OR my kids. as far as im concerned, that guy can go to hell.

Purslane.. ever heard of it?

i hadnt either. a few weeks ago i noticed an odd, but very attractive weed growing in my garden where my sis in law had sprayed weed killer. it looked like this.

 i thought they were pretty, but had no idea what they were. so, i dug them up and put them in my flower bed. last night i was googling and decided to try to identify this plant. not knowing what keywords to use it was a tough battle lol. but i finaly figured out what it is.. Purslane. and WHAT A TREASURE I HAVE FOUND.

Purslane Wiki

this stuff is amazing. its regarded as a weed, but its extremely nutritious. aside from being a lovely plant to look at, its very tasty and has more vitamins and nutrients than many other vegetables!! its hardy, durable, and tolerates bad soil and even weed killer lol.

WHY do ppl consider this plant a weed?? im going to start cultivating this, and enjoying it in my diet for years to come. what a treasure. Nature is full of treasures, everyone. make sure you look around now and then

Korean Goddess

i cant get over how gorgeous this sim is. i wanted to share her, but the launcher is being an asswad again. so i uploaded her to 4shared, HA. that that EA. :P
for anyone who is interested, here is Tina Chu (or Cho, cause i forgot her name when i uploaded her and its different from her in game name lol)
i also trashed the hideous ladyfrontbum face skin i was using that made all my sims have really dark faces. it bugged me.  this one is from kittyklan and i like it much better :D.  I dunno what it is about those ladyfrontbum skins but i just hate them.

Tina Chu

will the stupid peggyzone hairdos never end?

case in point

ok WTF is that? yeah ok its only slightly stupid on the female model, but its EXTREMELY stupid on the male.
What human male is honestly going to wear that hairstyle? cmon peggy, seriously? why cant we have some nice NORMAL hairdos. or how about some ethnic styles? i dont see peggy making any afros or dreadlocks.

so stop making hair like THIS

and start making hair more like this

or this

getting the idea yet?


grr first time its ever happened on this pc. happily simming away when BAM! crashes to desktop.
i dont think i lost too much, i saved shortly before it crashed (i have gotten into the habit of saving every sim night while they sleep) so i think i only lost one day. but its still irritating. and now, i have to figure out why it crashed in the first place.

and i think i need to redo my teen sims makeover.. dammit.. what a pain.

Your Weekly Horror-Scope

Your a dreamer at heart, Aries which means you tend to forget about the material world.  Which explains why you often forget your keys, or the fact that you left something in the oven.  After leaving the water on in the bathtub all night, You would think you would learn.. Try to focus more. The cops really wont tolerate you leaving your toddler on top of the car again.

Today, you put your head down and just charge into action.   It doesnt really matter if a train is coming, you just keep on running, dont you, Taurus.  Do your best not to get distracted, and charge headlong into a bus. Tends to be messy. Your lucky color is Matador red

You can finally breathe a sigh of relief, Gemini. You've been really worried about finances lately, but your worries are finally over. Your completely broke! Debtors will be coming to your house soon, to repossess your stuff. Isnt that wonderful? No longer will you need to stress and worry about car payments and credit cards bills. You have no worr…

another bat

well, there is another poor little bat flying around my house right now, being tortured by my cat. i cant find my net so i dunno how im gonna capture him. i also dont want my daughter following me up there and getting accidently bitten. altho the chances of bats actualy carrying rabies is rare, i dont want to risk it. rabies shots are PAINFUL.
usualy, i get my little butterfly net or a towel and just go capture the thing and set it free outside. but i got my 2 year old here, and now that cat has a hold of it, so im afraid the little guy is probably battered, and wont survive even if i DID find him.
i wish i knew how they kept getting into the house. i keep all the closets and crawlspace doors in the attic closed. i guess they slip in under them.

2 whole weeks

my kids are going with their dad for 2 whole weeks.. and i dont know what im going to do without them lol. ill be so bored. well, i have my little one, she always keeps me busy. but itll still be boring. i guess its time to get into my mmorpgs again