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last one for now

need a change of scenery so i started another save game with an alien guy. will be back to the samhains soon

 sent him back to the future and he tried turning trash into gold again.. starting to think this is a more effective way to dispose of unwanted family members than the cowplant. returned without saving cause i still dont have an heir lol

 well now i do! Bianca is finally carrying Ozzys baybeh

 its a boy! we named him Keifer. he has witch, fairy and genie. dunno why hes a fairy, neither parent is. grandpa is tho maybe thats why. plus i think ozzy was when he was born. o well, fairy toddlers care for themselves.

 tried to have a puppy with a random dog in town. was a ghost puppy -_-

 yeah Thor, you show the paparazzi just what we think of them!

 Keifer aged up! still the only heir, as Bianca and Ozzy arent having ,uch luck with risky woohoo. i might have to throw a procreation potion at somebody soon.

 turning a big meteorite into something lame, im sure

 success! Ozzy drank a pr…

having some minor memory leak problems

error 12! cause i own a resort, no doubt. will update soon

a single gal at last

every night ozzy went to the red velvet lodge. oooo buuubles

 Poor horsie is so bored and loney. why did ozzy even get her?

 the dog is afraid of everything. ozzy named him thor because when he went to adopt a puppy from his friend, one was hit by lightning. this one. chosen by the gods! and SCARED OF EVERYTHING.

 when he wasnt going to the vampire lounge he was going to parties. every girl he meets is taken. even the ugly ones. damn you nraas mod.

 while he was sowing his wild oats, mother passed away.

 well hello, never seen you before! got her all chatted up before learning that she too, has a boyfriend.. uuggh..

 well how about you, ugly nose? you got a boyfriend too? you dont? really? ding ding we have a winner! the only single girl in town!

 he immediately whisked bianca home before nraas mod decided to fuck with me. she fell easily to his advances. but if im keeping her, shes going to need a makeover

 and her personality is terrible. shes more afraid of everything than the d…

university days

altho i didnt have any particular need to send ozzy to college, i did anyway. he had enough traits to apply for 3 different scholarships. he met this lovely vampire his first day and made her his roomie

ok i know ozzy is crazy but... there is no one else in this class.. not even a teacher. is he.. imagining a class?

 his entire first term, he kept getting asked out by dudes. which normally wouldnt really be a problem, except that i checked his gender preferences and he isnt gay. but every single date call he got, dude

 another one. at least this one is sorta cute. i checked for attractiveness on every single one too, ozzy does NOT find dudes attractive, why do they keep asking hin out?

 this rude ass paparazzi fairy gave him chattery teeth, so ozzy gave him a face full of knuckle

 one of the locals ozzy befriended gave him a puppy! i hope i can bring him home with me!

 cmon, bring down a big one and squash that fairy!

 first term is over! he didnt quite have enough to get his degree …

an untimley end

Ozzy's last day as teen and his father dies.

 he then had to immediately leave for the prom. with no shirt on, apparently. ahh crazy sims

 he rolled a want to buy a horse for some reason so he impulsively bought one. hasnt interacted with it since lol

 he actually had a pretty good prom, and aged up as soon as he left the school. adulthood time!

 after graduation i made him ride his horse lol

 i had to see what havok he created in dystopia future. so i sent him there and was greeted by a huge pile of trash. he played in it

 and there were these rifts everywhere. he jumped in those too

 after goofing off all over oasis landing, i placed his mother's happiness reward on the lot to see if i could turn some of this random garbage into gold bars. and it backfired and turned him into a gold statue.. my heir is dead...

 get out of jail free card!! i always make my heirs carry a death flower for just this sort of reason haha

 so after being resurrected his lovely statue was still t…