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Kingdom of Stonewall dive lot edition

Kingdom of Stonewall

i think my town might finaly be complete. i just need a few testers to let me know if everything works (especially the dive lots, since ive never made any before)

if all goes well,hopefully i can upload this world to the exchange :)
im so proud of this project i put so much time and love into it.

please enjoy!

*noticed a problem with the dive lots. will need to go back in and fix that. i will update the link sometimes today probably

i think it might just be a crime to be as hot as this

i have been in love with Johnny Depp since i was 11 years old lol. hes only gotten better with age. year after year this man just gets hotter and hotter. its some kinda voodoo

i have an excelent idea. lets change the subject

so i took my man's advice and let the town sit and stew for a while and loaded up the game to actualy PLAY.
and woo what a ride! met a merman, found 2 hidden islands, bought a (free) resort, and got engaged to said merman! EVIL merman LOL

i will probably have a private wedding. i am SO loving the houseboats!! i never want to return to land!
(ok i know i will eventualy, i cant live without unicorns forever:P)

stinky jerk face town

waa spent all night adding houses and families to play test my world and then as soon as i went to try to scuba dive, it no worky..
so i go to build another one, and realise too late that you CANT build one in game. soo... back to CAW i go i spose. maybe one of these days ill actualy get to play the dam game! lol

*sigh* deep breath

ok.. trying not to get really pissed off here. keep calm. oooohm.
after deleting (AGAIN) all my lots and replacing them, i realized i can stop the clipping just by moving the lot slightly or double clicking it. i wont know for sure if that solution will stick untill i load it up in game again, but so far it keeping me from going homicidal lol.
ive had to run around the entire map twice double clicking lots... i have NO idea why some of them clip  again after fixing them, and some dont.
but, the clicking thing will save me some time and aggravation, since i dont have to tear everything down and rebuild over and over.

im really growing weary of this crap tho.. my second town, Pine Valleym the one i uploaded to my studio, didnt have any of these problems. but, THAT town is completely flat. that town also kinda bores me lol.

i LOVE this town, and i really want it to work right! hopefully i can keep calm, be patient, and smooth out the issues without going postal.

ok now im really friggin aggrivated

i dont think i will EVER be able to release this town to the public. after all that work, smoothing every road, removing and replacing every lot, i STILL have clipping and bumpy roads everywhere! this looked fine in CAW why is it screwed up in game? i smoothed EVERY DAM ROAD. somtimes 4 or 5 times!!
im getting so fed up with the whole dam thing. its such an awesome town but it will forever be sub par because im apparently doing something majorly wrong.
AAARG im so mad!!@#$

testers wanted

i have a test version of Stonewall ready. its not the final version, i stil need to build some houses. but i think its more or less finished. i just need to know if everything is working, and whether or not any unwanted content went with it. any takers?

The Kingdom of Stonewall

The Kingdom of Stonewall is near completion

the first town i made in CAW, and still my favorite of all the towns ive worked on. after getting IP, i decided to go back in and fix it up, smooth out some issues that i had noticed, and give some areas a complete makeover. and because its got a large central river, i felt it was a sure thing for house boats :)

here are a few pics

 town center got completely redone. i smoothed the ground and made the area larger and more square. its less awkward now. 

 aerial of town center. the large green area in the middle is parks and fishing lots, and the cobblestone area is all rabbitholes and community lots.

 across the river is vast farmland, forest and mountain. this is a very rural world

 along the lake there are a few condos. the closest thing town comes to city

 the river and both land bridges. when i first made this world i didnt know how to do bridges. i do now, but i still feel like theses land bridges look cool and work for this town.

 there are lovely views from almost everywhere

the princess and the peony

this is a story i wrote a long time ago. i had forgotten about it mostly. i wrote it for a sims story back in the olden days of sims 2, and i never realized i had a text copy of it. i just found it in my closet :)
its not a wonderful, epic or even interesting story. its just a simple fable. enjoy

                                     The Princess and the Peony.

  A beautiful princess named Ming is betrothed to a man she has never met, and does not love. She wanders into a field of flowers, to ease her sorrow.
   She find a large, lonley peony. As Ming approaches the peony, she hears telling her to return to the peony every night, and she will find her true love    Ming does as she is asked, and that night in the field of flowers, she finds a handsome man. Each night she returns to the peony bed, and each night she sees  the young man, but never do they touch. Her bethrothed gets wind of her strange night time hobby and follows her, only to find her with another man.
   He is furious, and…

identity theft

so i got a letter today from some government agency, saying my personal information may have been compromised. someone stole my file and downloaded it to their personal computer.. well thats nice..
now they have a list of numbers im supposed to call and set myself up on fraud alerts and shit..

omg seriously? i have severe social anxiety and you want me to CALL PEOPLE?
in all honesty, id rather have my identity stolen. i seriously cant handle calling a bunch of random numbers and just 'see what happens'
i dont even call my mother.

looks like my credit is fucked. hopefully that guy who stole my info chokes on some nachos and dies before he can use it

*crunch crunch crunch*

wish i was eating chips.. but dont have any. imaginary chips ftw!!! *crunch crunch*

ok, apparently im NOT done talking about this

because obviously no one else is, and im getting annoyed with the growing theme.
Zimmerman is not 'white'. saying its a 'white on black' crime is ridiculous and not factual. he is hispanic. and to you people who seem to continue to ignore this fact, saying it doesnt matter, your fucking hypocrites. first, you say race doesnt matter, and then try to create a racial argument. so which is it? is race a factor or isnt it? it cant be both dumbass.

is this a racial crime? yes it is, because Treyvon was killed BECAUSE he was a black kid in a hoodie. it is a white on black crime? no. so stop it already dumbfucks.
this isnt a 'white america verses black america' kinda thing. there is alot of hate and animosity between blacks and hispanics in certain areas for some reason. it has 0 to do with white people. so stop making the argument something it is not. if you have an issue with white people, fine. have THAT argument. THIS argument has nothing to do with them.

ive only got one thing to say

because everyone is talking about this and the subject is becoming tiresome. but i will say my peice here and be done with it.
the murder of an innocent boy went unpunished. perhaps one day, someone will see you, George Zimmerman, walking down the street with some candy, follow and harass you, and shoot your ass dead. being as how you look so threatening and all.. self defense you know.. in fact, ill be willing to bet, you got a real big target on you right now. im sure there are about a thousand angry people in your zip code who want to do real bad things to you. so you better lock your door, because vigilante justice just might come knocking on it.


the world makes me sick..

the end

i murdered the sun

My evil archer/assassin Red fired an arrow dipped in vampire blood at the sun. this is what happend to it.

ive done the dawnguard storyline several times on the xbox but never actualy tried this. was so cool! i figured Red is evil so it doesnt really matter what she does :P

 here she is in all her red headed evilness. and my awesome little deer pet. she actualy looks a little sad here (well it is Kodlak's funeral)

and this is my hubby Farkas. some mod or other that i downloaded gave him a makeover. RAWR!