Thursday, August 28, 2014

enough procrastinating!

i need ot finish Moray Lake. im tired of just wishing it was finished and just go and fucking finish it. the lots will just have to be added by players. CAW is giving me too much bullshit adding lots to the world. ill just put on the finishing touches and release it already.

i will also release a 'full' version eventually. with custom lots and cc, so its a 'download at your own risk' kinda thing. i will be giving no credit to any creators whos names i cant remember. but since the full version will more or less only be my personal version, its no big deal.

well off  i go to CAW.. hopefully i can get this sucker finished up this week sometime

Monday, August 18, 2014


im gone a few days and the forum blows up. i miss all the fun

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the new sims forum

well call my a cranky old bitty, but i was expecting to hate it. i actually.. dont.

i kinda like it. its smooth and big and easy to use and not clunky like the old one.

makes me wish i actually had something to say over there so i could post more.

just feels weird with all the newbs. i dont know anyone anymore so my anxiety kicks up big time.

maybe ill lurk around for a while tho. its got potential

Monday, August 11, 2014

well i DO have one male and one female

because one of my doves laid eggs already lol. 2 eggs, which means one female. but, i still dont know which one laid the eggs.

cant tell by who sits on the nest cause both parents will take turns (altho i only ever see Coocoo sitting on it)

but im still going to just assume its the new bird who is female. otherwise, wouldnt Coocoo have laid eggs all these years ive had him?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

lovey dovey

i dont know if i mentioned on here about my new dove. (i dont think i have)

well i have had a ringneck dove for about 5 years i think, and hes always been solitary because well i just couldn't FIND any doves in any pet stores around here.

the pet store where i originally got him, had a pair, one male one female (so they said)
when i went in to purchase them, the female had already been sold, so i bought the male. (so i was told)

ive been enjoying my wacky bird friend, which we call 'Coocoo bird' for years now and wanted to give him a companion for some time. i finaly found someone on craigslist in my area, selling a female (so i was told) ringneck.

she was a beautiful petite little thing, a bit paler than my male, so i could easily them them apart, so i took her home

we named her Whisper. she has a soft gentle coo and is an absolute delight.

but after doing some research, and observations, i am very confused as to the gender of these birds

male are supposed to be the only ones who bow-coo. Coocoo birds has been cooing constantly all the years ive had him, and he does duck his head when he does it, so i thought this was the bow-coo

but now whisper does a bow-coo (and actually bows really low) so i probably misunderstood what bow-cooing was, since i had only ever observed one bird doing it. she also stares him down while bow-cooing which is also supposed to be male behavior.

he fought with her a little when introducing her, which is normal from what ive read, if the birds are different genders. if they are male male, they are supposed to get aggressive and territorial, and im not seeing that. its been a  few weeks and they are best buds now, after the initial few days of 'getting to know each other'.

i put a bowl in there to serve as a nest, hoping maybe if i encouraged courting, i would be able to tell the gender better.
(i plan to remove any eggs they may lay, i sure dont need more birds lol)
but now Coocoo (the assumed male) is the one sitting in the nest, and gathering material to line it with.

hes also doing this weird wing twitching thing, and sticking his butt in the air.

i read that the twitching IS a courting ritual but its primarily males. the sticking the butt in the air thing is female.. and Whisper is stalking him and bow cooing aggressively.
so i am so damn confused, cause both my birds demonstrate both male and female characteristics lol

i have to catch one in the act of laying eggs to know for sure lol. i may never know

Monday, August 4, 2014

it was a great ride... and i cant wait to return

today ended my beta test of Arche Age! :'( im sad to see it go, it was a fun game. my last few screens of my adventures.

 got my donkey to ride on the carriage with me hehe. he has his own seat

 right across from me :)

 went to mirage island (kind of like one giant mall) and saw this display ship upside down. i guess someone test drove it and flipped it over lol

 the anchor is waving 'hello!'. not really waving tho, just sticking strait out lol

 bought a new mount called a yata. its funny looking little thing.

 now hes even funnier looking lol

 tadaa! kangaroo llama mount! hes wicked fast

 rowboating the open sea at night.. this is scary.  i was promptly killed by sea bugs

 jumpin off cliffs is fun!

 found a nice little lake :) i might build my house somewhere around here

riding the airship again lol. with my yata (Kangaroo Jack )

ahhh i miss the game already. i hope i get into the next beta

Saturday, August 2, 2014

more adventures in Archeage

ill admit. im addicted.

 taking the bus again. man that bus driver is uuuglyy

 i climbed a tree. im not sure why you can climb trees but omg i climbed a fucking tree!

 here come an airship! i wonder if i can get on it!

 i can i can!! these air ships take to to faraway lands! they are like the bus, running on regular intervals back and forth to a specific port.

 everyone looks like little ants from up here

 i climbed another tree! because why the fuck not

 my lute playing jam. instruments work sort of like buffs in this game. a flute can give you a magic buff. the lute gives you a health buff. i heal while im playing it

 i got a baby donkey. isnt he cuuuute?

 here i am raisin up mah donkey. i got him in a trade run quest. he is apparently one of the only mounts you can ride while wearing a trade pack. ill still take the bus when i find one:P

 hes about to age up!


 now i can drag my ass all over the continent lol. he looks so small compared to my lion. i feel like im gonna squish him

i got a glider! wow are these things hard to maneuver. gonna take me a while to get the hang of THAT. its not really flying, but falling with style.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Arche Age is fucking awesome

i got into the beta and i have been playing it last few days. its the most fun ive had in an mmo in a long time.

i dont think there is an NDA (if there is i am in big trouble i guess lol)
so here is a little rundown of my adventures!

 was wandering along and saw this airship taking off. im not sure but i think you can get rides on those

 this is my little pet! you get em as babies and take care of them and raise em up

 hes so cuuuuute

he grew into this magnificent beast! and i can ride him. hes a mount AND a pet

 one of the player made 'villages' i came across. premium players can plant their own farms, and build houses and own livestock

 this is the public farm, i think. free players can farm too, but only in certain areas, and only certain plants. free players can not own land

 battle! i found a sword that is a fish. its called a smackeral. i am fish slappin that sombich

 posing in my new outfit. hey hey! there are lots of fun emotes and 3 different dances. i am currently guarding my 'illegal' harvest of tumeric so no one steals it. o yeah, people can steal your shit. if someone gets enough crime reports, they can go on trial and be put in game prison. (for like an hour)

 crafted some goodies with my illegally grown plants, and now im on my way to sell my fancy wares in another town! waiting for the bus. this pack is heavy.

caught the bus just in time! these carriages travel back and forth across the land regularly so weary travelers can just hop on!

the trade and farming in this game make it worth it to ME to keep coming back. i will almost definitely be buying a sub for this game, and i know if will get tons and tons of fun with this, even if i grow tired of adventuring and battle.

looking forward to another day of adventure! and i hatched a chicken somewhere, i wonder if hes still there lol