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spent nearly all week planning and building and perfecting the perfect house. now i finaly get it into my town, move my family in, and its a huge disaster..
well not so much a disaster, but im not pleased.. it feels so CRAMPED even tho its bigger than the old house. the rooms are smaller, and its just.. awkward.

i guess ill just have to get used to it... or tear it down and rebuild it. :/
and i managed to mess up my scenic view by putting the cemetery RIGHT in the way. the area i left empty isnt even facing the lake (its kinda on an angle.)
and the lovely garden right out the 2 story windows is a pain ot get to without putting the walls all the way down or turning the house around. ARG.

*sigh*...... im too much of a perfectionist i think

3rd times a charm

ok so i went back in and tried to build a new house for my legacy. i have been looking at houses and floor plans to get ideas. but mostly, i wanted to incorporate at least 2 features. i wanted a round dining room, and the large 2 story windows that my current house has. so, after much trial and error, i build a house around these 2 things... here is what i got

 this one has potential i think. i LOVE the look of the outside. and hopefully, the inside is as livable as i like it to be.

 this is the second floor. i managed to cram 5 bedrooms up here, plus 2 bathrooms. and thats AFTER completely ripping apart the entire second floor and rebuilding it, because my second story windows had no 'open to below' area.

ground floor. the circular room is the dining room, the red square next to it is the kitchen. the purple room is the great room/library and the 2 smaller rooms are either a tv room or i have no idea lol.  2 small bathrooms on this floor. i also put a large garden area just outs…

man its hilarious

the total epicness of hate aimed at EA. wow did that new page flop big time, HAHAHAHAHAHA.
thread after thread (and status update after status update) of venom

i already knew i would hate it so i wasnt really too surprised (and im actualy not hating it all that much)
but other people's reactions are seriously funny. many of these same people, have been worshiping EA and ALL they do for weeks, and now look at them.

this is hardly the worst thing EA has done imo. but it sure is dam funny how everyone is freaking out over it

way to go, EA! you win the worlds record for making an entire fan base hate you in 24 hours!!


i find this new 'my page' thing and the imminent showtime EP to be rather ominous. its not just the fact that these things may (and more than likley WILL) break everyone's game. thats only a small part of it.

it feels like the sims is going away from me. this series of games that i have loved for over a decade, is now tired of me. sims is going in directions im not exactly willing to follow it. im not done with sims, i LOVE sims... but the sims doesnt seem to want ME anymore.

once again, big business is catering to the youthful fans, and ignoring the people who build this franchise in the first place. it happens with just about everything i love eventually.

'progress' they supposedly call it. i dont feel the game is 'progressing' in a direction i agree with. and that depresses me, because i may very well have to say goodbye to my sims in the near future.

i hope so much, that this showtime/lunar lakes/katy perry thing is just a.. fad. i hope it goes away, a…

well ive got some inspiration

im going to try to build this one (or something similar) tomorrow. wish me luck :)

right now im tired and its too late to open the game. tootles

well i dunno...

furnished that house and plopped a test family in it. altho i kinda like it, at the same time i kinda dont. really on the fence with this one.

 there are alot of things i like about this house

 but overall, there is a big something i DONT like.. and i think thats the overpowering statement here. its not good enough.

 and when i placed it in the test town, the lot sunk down below the street level. which is annoying. and now everyone is having routing issues which is MORE annoying.

 and a burglar stole my tree lol

so i think final score is fail. im not going to use this house for my legacy family. might use for someone esle, but its not good enough for my pedigree

well nevermind.

i was bored and decided to just go ahead and build that house myself anyway. altho im still not sure i actualy want to use it.

 i didnt use a floorplan, i just went and improvised. its not too bad i dont think. i wanted to make sure there would be lots of room for my unicorns to run. the house seems kinda small

 i love this ivy. i dont remember where i got it, but it looks really amazing and you can stack it, and place it wherever. it also has its own mesh so it sticks off the building and looks like foliage.

 the house went thru a few different paint jobs before i finally settled on one i didnt hate

 i put in a nice pond and there is a garden area out back too, altho you cant see from this angle. i put death fish in the pond XD

 heres the top floor. i have at least 4 bedrooms here and 2 bathrooms. not too shabby for a house that appears this small from the outside.

 ground floor has a kitchen, butlers quarters, laundry room, 2 bathrooms, and a living room. im still trying to figure out whe…

attention builders!

i am considering perhaps replacing my legacy house. i really really like the house they are in currently, but i feel that its just too small and cramped for my needs. and im not really having many ideas for a new house atm. who would like to build one? :D

the house would be for my Ovevil family. Info about them HERE
they are a gothy/addams family-ish type family and i want their house to reflect that.
i prefer a 64x64 lot as i will need ALOT of room. they have unicorns, so there should be plenty of yard space and room for stables. the house should have at the very least, 4 bedrooms, but the more the merrier. basements are optional, but fine with me. and please have room enough inside so that sims can maneuver. nothing bugs me more than a beautifully made house i cant actually live in

use whatever cc you like, but please give me a link the items so i can download it if its not included. i would like the house to have a graveyard if possible, and really have an all over victorian/gothic…

what a difference shadows make

so i just had a driver update on my vid card yesterday, and when i opened the game today all the settings were different. it was a BIG difference

 i had previously turned off shadows.. because they caused alot of lag. but now im not actually seeing much lag. (might have alot to do with the fact that i killed all the memories)

 it might not really be too noticable in these pics... but i was just sitting there going WOW the whole time

 my horses looked amazing... the shadows really add something to the game

 my sim detail was on medium before too. now its on high

i just stole this little beauty from the fishing spot. she looks alot like my other unicorn, but shes more of a cream color. it didnt count toward my sims LTW tho, because i had to cheat to get her. stupid game will never let me adopt a unicorn naturaly >:(

what a disaster

So my vampire sim, Shen Fang, finaly found the love of her life in China.. mr Ho Sung Kim. (gotta have that hidden trait) she brought him home and their wedding was on the horizon.

 the big day arrived, and i had built a lovely little wedding chapel just for the occasion. half the town was there! i never saw such a turnout for a wedding!  but just when Shen and Ho Sung were about to exchange rings, he decided to become a vampire!

 so by now the guests are getting impatient and hungry. they came to see a wedding and all they are seeing is some dude turn into a vampire. i told them to get married again...

 and THEN he decided to age up! i was starting to get really mad lol. so now the guests are REALLY agitated. everyone is hungry, bored, and tired of waiting. the party started at 7 and now its nearly 1130 and still no wedding. by thne Shen was so tired, she kept trying to take a nap in her sleeping bag. needless to say, the wedding was a disaster.  i sent everyone home, and had to face t…

let the bloodbath begin!!

so i FINALY maxed my enchanting skill in Skyrim. all my other characters never got a chance to. i beat the dam game before i got that shit maxed. well this time i went slow, on purpose, to get that maxed. and ooooo is it worth it hehehe.
i can put 2 enchantments on things now.
i put health leech and firey soul trap on my scimitar. im one hitting everything! haha. i drain their life and i steal their soul. i love my scimitar <3

now i just need to enchant my gear to raise one handed and ill be one hitting freekin dragons. (not like it takes long to kill them now) i dont even need the dragon bane sword anymore. maybe ill give it to my henchman.
nah, that putz will lose it. ill hang it on the wall ^_^

now i just want the living room to myself so i can go kill some more >:(


i got this foal today...
 interesting little bugger isnt he? lol

grew up quite handsome too

Molten Crud

was sitting watching tv with my daughter and that commercial came on where the guy has the nice dream and motley crue is playing in the background while he drives a fast car.
 my daughter looks at me and says 'is that band called molten crud?'
and i LOL'd. now i know what to name my next sim band

miracle filly is all grown up

shes not remarkably eye catching , but she is a unique creature. and i think she is just lovely.

and she does possess magic... and altho she has no horn, she gets a horn glow when she cast spells lol. here she is setting my house on fire... for some reason.. 0_0

what the crap?

how is this even possible??
look closely. see the sparkly running stuff that unicorns have? notice anything odd about this unicorn filly? how about the fact that shes NOT A UNICORN.

well that, and she was born from her FATHER and not her mother.. but you certainly cant tell by looking at her, hahaha.

this might be the wierdest thing thats ever happened in my game

sesert has been defeated. lets let the mass hysteria die now please

omg why am i only just hearing about this now???

just got an ad for this game on steam. HOLY FREEKIN TOMATOES!!!
this looks absolutely EPIC!!! dam near puts skyrim to shame!! i MUST HAVE IT!!!

too bad i already spended all my moneys :'(

finaly getting a new cage

for my ringneck dove. i havent really had the money to get him the proper sized cage for so long. but my bf got his tax check and he offered to buy me a cage :)
so Kuku Bird will finally have a nice home he can stretch out in ^_^
when i first got him, i misjudged how small my home cage would be. i had never had a bird that size before, and didnt realize how big he is compared to parakeets or other small birds. hes VERY cramped in that cage and it makes me sad. im sure it makes him sad too.
we found a great cage in ebay and its on its way! i cant wait to see him hopping around in it ^_^

a tale of 2 towns

i JUST got it!!! the new 3d harvest moon!

so far its really cool. i picked the girl farmer and i went to the animal village. theres alot to explore and you get a horse and cart for once lol. i already have my eyes on a cute guy in the next town over *wink wink*

this should keep me interested for a good long time. unlike the last few harvest moon titles (which seemed a tad lacking, in all honesty) this one seems to get back to the heart of what made the game fun in the first place.

well, ive only been playing a few hours, but so far so good!

mod the sims medieval?

i did some searches an came up with nada. sims medieval has been out a while now, long enough for the modding community to make some cc or something. but i have found NOTHING. is there any cc available for this title at all? anything?

a few outfits? hairdos? anything? *pout*

love potions and smoochi woochies

ahh ive perfected my love potion. now to sample it!

 BLEAH! this takes like an old sweat sock.

 wow it works!!! i must kiss someone now!!!

i guess youll have to do!

i love dr pepper

and ill drink dr pepper 10 even tho its 'not for women'. HA! ill drink it anyway! cuz im a rebel like that.

protect your skin from burns

BURNS A young man sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide remained in it. He raised the cover and lit his lighter; the vapors ignited and engulfed him. He jumped from his truck, screaming.
His neighbour came out of her house with a dozen eggs and a bowl yelling: "bring me some more eggs!" She broke them, separating the whites from the yolks. The neighbor woman helped her to apply the whites onto the young man's …

every day i hate the governemnt just a little bit more

not much more to add really.