some CAW screens

just a few snaps of what ive been fiddling with. keep in mind this is my FIRST ever world and i have no idea what im doing lol. im just pressing buttons and seeing what happens XD

 this was the BEST distant terratin item i could find to match this map. its got this icky line here and the color is all wrong, but it actualy matches up really well,  shapewise. i just wish i could color it in or something

 im in the painting phase right now, havent added lots or anything like that yet

 i dont like the way the mountains look. they look weird green, they look weird rock. and there are only 4 terrain paints and other 2 are sand. so ill probably end up going with rock but its disappointing me. maybe ill do a green/rock combo thing like here. its.. eh

 i rather like this lake. i only built it because the distant terrain had a river here. but its become one of my favorite areas of the map :)

 i didnt bother with bridges. the river is way to wide, and i didnt feel like making land blobs to connect bridges to road pieces. so i just made one long land bridge haha.

 a road cut into a mountain :). the background mountains seem too flat tho

 a little island. now that sims can swim, they can just swim out there if they want to. im not building any bridges to it

well how does it look so far? any suggestions? advice? insults?


  1. I think it looks great so far, especially for your first world . .maybe layer in different terrain paints: dirt, different colored grass, flowers, so it all doesn't look uniform. Other than that I like it.

  2. thanks :) yeah i plan on adding more detail when i have lots placed. but i literally only have 4 terrain paints so my options are pretty limited. im hoping with some creative painting, bushes, and other enviromental brik-a-brak, it will look much nicer

  3. It looks really nice! Like somewhere a sim would have fun exploring. Maybe you could do with a campsite in one of the more remote forested areas?


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