Tuesday, December 27, 2016


just got a new solar powered keyboard and im just giving it a test drive. seems pretty decent so far :D. and its completely solar powered! how fucking cool is that! no batteries no wires. its so nice and thin too. i hate bulky keyboards. well typing seems to bne going ok, lets just hope gaming goes smoothly as well. the keys are slightly farther apart than im used to, but o well. at least the back space is the right damn shape, unlike my last one that shit bugged me. i kept hitting the \ key by accident.

i can control the volume with the keyboard again too, YAAAAY. since i got new speakers and there is no easy to get to volume control :D

preliminary tests seem positive so far

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

well thats just super!

so i had found this cool house, and had it all fortified and was finally feeling safe from zombie attacks. it was like day 12, so almost 2 weeks in. my computer shuts itself off for no reason... and corrupts my data.

i load the game back up, nothing , nada. day one, bag is empty, i have nothing. all my adventures, my house all gone D:

now i have to start over... AGAIN. im doing a multiplayer game now tho so maybe it wont wipe everything if something goes wonky.


brand new fucking computer

Monday, December 19, 2016

more 7 days to die

so he got me the game on steam now, so we can play together in the same game.. i dunno why he didnt just do that to begin with. i hate buying the same game twice! but whatever.

attempted to try my hand at a single player game with zombies on again. been practicing a lot on the ps4 in  no zombie games so i really know my way around the controls and weapons now.
but the controls are different on the pc? well great!

also discovered that you can tweak your game options. so i turned zombies on low, never run, and left on 'cheat' mode.
i cheat rarely. as the scavenging is the fun part for me. BUT its almost a necessity for construction. if im going to build any kind of decent base that zombies cant eat thru, im going to need the cheat menu.

tried doing it legit for the first few days. holed up in an abandoned gas station. there was a ladder to the roof and a fence around the backyard. seemed like the perfect place! i set up camp on the roof and prepared to shoot em when they came close.

2 two nights before red night (the 7th day the zombies go all nuts and swarm in a bloodthirsty hord) several zombies found me at my gas station.
i was pretty confident that they couldnt reach me, so i didnt panic much. but i couldnt see them well from the roof of the gas station, so i didnt get to shoot them all. i could hear them slobbering and snarling below me (scary!) but couldnt do anything about it. then i hear the fence break....

so now im panicking. its dark as shit and i cant see and im swinging my shot gun around looking for them... and then a shadow appears in front of me on top of my hideout! the zombie bitch actually climbed the ladder?


so i blew away 2 zombies that managed to make their way to the top of the gas station and i waited for morning VERY paranoid...

must find a new hideout and soon. only 2 days to red night.

at dawn i wanted down the road a bit to see what i could find. there were some very high end looking houses on a small dead end street. i had to clear out the rotters out. they came out frome everywhere when i started down the street, and my shot gun blasts just drew in more. but it was daylight and they only came from the one direction so it wasnt too bad.  then i had my choice of these 3 houses! i picked the biggest one (mistake)

really nice place. but there were zombies trapped inside, i could hear them. i make my way around the entire house looking for a safe way in, but i really didnt want to be ambushed in there. i hadnt seen the inside of this house before (i had seen both the others on my ps4 version already) so i didnt know the layout. i blew out a few windows hoping they would come to me but nothing...

just the groans and scraping and snarls continue.. so i sit on the roof of the garage thinking about how im going to get thoses guys out of there withotu putting myself at risk, and they burst thru the wall!

they sensed me outside on the garage roof, so they ATE THRU THE UPSTAIRS WALL into the crawlspace above the garage.

blam blam, 2 less zombies. but now my new house is all fucked up lol

time for the cheat menu. i need to make this place zombie proof, and fast

Friday, December 9, 2016

7 days to die

so my bf has been playing this game on steam recently and wont stop raving about it. we were at gamestop picking up something and he saw it there for ps4. he practically BEGGED me to get it so i could play it too.
i was like uh.. no i HATE zombies. survival horror is not my genre.
but he insisted i try it, said it was like skyrim, id love it! so yeah i broke down and bought it.

right off the bat the controls made me a little motion sick. there is little to no tutorial whatsoever so you are basically on your own trying to figure out how anything works or what you have to do to survive.

luckily i didnt get attacked right away, and nate helped me get some supplies together before i even saw one.
the combat is dreadful.
IF it had controlled like skyrim, now that would be something. but the weapon swings are all haphazard,  the enemy mechanics are dreadful, and its damn near impossible to take down ONE zombie let alone a hord.

which is what i experienced on the 7th day.. a FUCKING HORD. now anyone who knows me knows i have a thing about zombies. 
i dont like em. i have been terrified of zombies since i was 9 years old and only jut stopped having nightmares about them after watching the walking dead.

so needless to say, this was very disconcerting. i think my exact words were


yeah they killed me. thne i was left naked and alone in the desert again forced to go look for my pack of supplies i can lovingly scavenged or crafted over my 7 days. i even had a chainsaw! :D
chainsawed thru that first hoard after finding my pack and spent the next 7 days preparing.

really starting to get into the crafting. you can make just about anything, i could build an entire house practically if i had the material.
and roaming around the wilderness scrounging for supplies has its own charm. i really started to enjoy my adventuring and crap pile.

then day 14 came.
i had built a pit of spikes around my found trailer home and reinforced the doors. didnt help.
there were SO many fucking zombies that the first few destroyed the spikes by dying on them, and then the others just walked over it. they tore down my doors and ate me... again..


then i discovered online that you can just play in creative mode. so i made a new game with NO zombies. just me and the wilderness with nothing and i need to find food and shelter and warmth.
now this i can enjoy. just me vs the elements and i dont have to worry about rotters coming at me from behind while im chopping down a tree.

i found a great old house DEEP in the woods and im holed up in there now. fixed all the holes but the windows are still broken so its drafty, and its a snow landscape this time. so i need to be warm. and there isnt really any water supply nearby and food is quite scarce.

yes THIS i can get into . no worries about face eating just plain ol survival. it will be challenging enough just to find enough food and water to live, plus wandering off to find other supplies or the settlement that is supposedly on this map somewhere.

im rather addicted to this thing now

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


got the Samhain's save file off of my old hard drive and it all works! i dont have to start them over again XD
i lost a few minor items but those can be replaced. overall most is there

now i just have to remember what the hell i was doing with them haha

ahh im so scatter brained

i just got a new computer and installed several games, got a new xbox1 and a ps4 and got games, so now im kind of having a mild panic attack trying to figure out what i want to do. i want to play so many things but i obviously cant play them at the same time, so im trying to like take turns and its making me crazy. i feel like a chicken with its head cut off, just running around and not really accomplishing anything.

doesnt help that as soon as i start doing something i get a new idea for what i should go download or install next, so thats all my brain focus on and i cant play whatever game it is. god anxiety sucks lol.
i dont know how to settle my brain down.

Monday, November 28, 2016

my new puter is so amazeballs

so i got this new rig that we custom built from the internets. its liquid cooled and has a super duper processor and vid card. its a fucking monster. so i HAD to see how the sims ran on it. i have everything cranked all the way up, and it runs like a dream. not a stutter or a hiccup. loading times are almost nonexistant. only problem is, the resolution is TOO high haha. the ui is so small. i had to actually turn the resolution down just to be able to see it. but the game looks great.. well it looks half great. the sims themselves look amazing, the ground and other objects look kinda.. eh. the graphics are so good now they actually make the game look bad hahaha. but i mean it IS kind of an old game now. but man am i amazed at how fast it goes. it took like less than 5 minutes to load up the future world. there is almost no load time in CAS. im still blown away.

 i made this dorkus as my first family founder. im trying once again to make my dryad family. the two occults im trying to blend, tend to not want to play together. fairy

 and plantsim. i either get one or the other, never both. (usualy a forbidden fruit) so i finally got sick of trying to make it happen naturally and just used MC to make their first child a hybrid. ta dah,,, dryad!!

 being dryads it seemed unlikely they would even need or want a house. so fuck it, no house! they live in this field. there is actually everything they need here, cleverly hidden or camouflaged.

 living in a field can get a little boring tho. nekkid time

fucking rude ass paparazzi watching my sims whoohoo..... creepy

im having a lot of fun with this family! once winter comes that will be the REAL test. my other computer lagged like a bitch in winter. i usually had to cut winter short so i didnt have to deal with that shit very long.

ive got all my mods in too. i still need to hunt down some of the hairs and other content i ued to have, but i have almost got it all back together.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

skyrim special edition!!!

downloading it now! XD

Friday, November 18, 2016

same old story for me it seems

so my computer died AGAIN and there is just no point in fixing it this time. that was like 4 power supplies it went thru. the newest one barely had any dust on it it was so new. so instead of trying to figure out what kind of voodoo curse my pc had, i just bought a new one.

unfortunately, that means my entire sims game is gone (again). nate is going to try to slave my old hard drive into the new machine, so hopefully i can retrieve the Samhain family. i was really getting attached to them. if not, ill have to once again start over.

all my content is gone for good now haha. after all that i went thru reinstalling the game fresh with none of my mods, now im forced to start from scratch anyway.

my new pc comes in the mail this week i think, so there will be lots of installing to do!
i miss my simmies :(

Sunday, October 16, 2016

spooky scary skeletons!

 im loving this halloween event :) you turn your toon into a reaper and then you get prizes from bosses. my argonion and khajiit, in their deathday suits haha

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

little bit of a break for the sims

not that im tired of my family, but ESO recently updated to 'one tamriel' and im falling in love with the game again.

:) no time for sims, i got loot to find and daedra to thwart!

Friday, October 7, 2016

sometimes you know what you want before you know what you want

 grim reaper takes about 3 paparazzi a day.. getting bored/annoyed with this. ive waited practically YEARS to have a house i could actually use this door with. im really disappointed

 Dirk playfully pestering Andromeda

 his LTW is to use bloom 100 times, so i cant exactly cure him of fae (yet). better get to work buddy.

 o yay another one

 friendly magic battle with mom

 Dirk found a little green dragon :D that will help with his gardening skill

 and the thing i was hoping would happen DID happen! Steve, a guy Andromeda was eyeballing before she captured Dirk, became single. i invited him out immediately to see if i could woo him. but as i was out with him, i wasnt quite as excited as i thought id be. i found myself being more fond of Dirk. Steve just didnt do it for her anymore. she DID have a crush on Dirk all thru high school but he was always taken. so i guess she has made up her mind. Dirk is the one she wants to marry!

 Robbie challenged the reaper to a guitar duel before i finally got rid of the door. farewell cool door. maybe when the family isnt famous anymore ill buy you again

Andromeda asked Dirk out to the festival lot on spooky day and asked him to be hers forever. they were still in costume from her spooky day costume party haha.

he already wants a child! we will see what happens next :D

Thursday, October 6, 2016

built the same house 5 times over 2 days

because everytime i used buydebug, the game freezes now for some reason. :/ only took 3 times before i realized it was buydebug specifically. thne i tried various things to fix it, to no avail. so i just avoided using it and finally got the damn house build. well i know that floorplan pretty damn well now hahaha. (and now i know why i had trouble building the dive lot)

 well anyway a lot has happened!

the quads had a pleasant childhood, and were best friends

 then they aged up huzzah

 Andromeda looks just like her mother. but she has grandpa's hair and dads eyes

 Robbie rolled a want to have a baby. i have teens already so it seemed late in the game to have more (plus ive already chosen Andromeda) so i had his plant a plantsim baby. sadly tho, it didnt satisfy the want :(

 then Robbie gets abducted! i have no idea why either he doesnt do any 'risky' behaviour

 Andromeda meets grandpa

 she went out snorklelin before school and the cops had the nerve to come and try to arrest her. they couldnt even get her in the water so she just kept on doing her think while they stood on shore waiting for her haha

 birthday time! all undesirables, GET OUT

 the house was feeling a but cramped so i built a new one. i hope this is the right picture, i built the damn thing 5 times

 i thought the reaper door would be a hilarious solution to my paparazzi problem. on the contrary.. now i have a 'paparazzi always dying in the middle of the night and waking everyone up' problem

 Andromeda randomly rolled a want to make the future a utopia. i said, eh why not

 gees another one. i might have to get rid of that door

 Andromeda became a lifeguard! and she is having a hard time finding single guys in town (typical with nraas mod running the show) luckily tho she is a genie so she has an extended lifespan. im not in an extreme hurry.

after meeing several nice fellows and discovering  ALL of them were married, i was about to just do the 'knocked up by random guy' thing with her too.
then i noticed in my nraas message window than a fairy boy that she went to school with, was recently dumped. woooboy i invited him over right away!

she asked him to move in, so he didnt get away. hes not perfect.. kind of a weird chin and a round head, and hes a fairy. they have ridiculously long lifespans, like vampires. you get sick of them and kill them before they die of old age.

but other than that, hes kind of a cutie. still havent decided if shes going to marry him. if another guy frees up in the next day or so, she might dump him, but if not, he will do. she could certainly do worse.

altho after moving him in, a few days later i get the message he is now a father. that creep left his pregnant girlfriend!

Friday, September 30, 2016

this went better than i thought!

there was this genie she had met in college, that had disappeared. he was her 'pocket boyfriend'. i was planning on having her marry him when she got home, but when she returned to aurora skies and called the genie, it was a different genie. he wasnt in her relationship panel anymore and i had no way of contacting or finding him. i thought he was gone.

after long since giving up on him, she goes to throw a party, and bam, there he is. so i invite him right away.

 and he showed up i was thrilled!

 she wasted no time hitchin up her wagon before this horse ran off again

 i think maybe the last time i had quads was before ITF, because having a plumbot really helped this go by without much incident. and now with a new husband, there are 3 adults to care for the little ones

 they really learned their stuff fast! i had all four walking, talking and crapping at least 2 days before aging up. and all were best friends with one another

 Xander, quite a handsome lad

 Xerxes.. a little bit crazy

 Andromeda.. my favorite.


they have all grown up into fine little sims :) i didnt need the plumbot anymore so i sent her on her way. my family is full enough!

but now, the new hubby wants a child of his own... OHBOY

well i never would have expected this

 well college went well. driving the motive magenta everywhere was super helpful

 she woohood random dudes

 and set the bowling alley on fire.

 she still cant sing

so after a fairly uneventful time at uni she graduated and came home. she got into the military and is advancing quickly. but she needs to find a husband fast. times a wastin!

 went to vargs tavern to check out the locals.. omg some old couple just woohood in my car!

 i invited the paparazzi in so she could 'meet' the cowplant. poor thing got sick and barfed her back up :(

 after a week or so of just clubbing and going to work, it seemed likley that she wasnt going to find an available man during her breeding window its gotta happen now or you will end up with more orphans cause your ass is gonna die of old age. so she made a wish on the genie for a big family too bad the genie cant just give her a husband

 she invited over a guy she met online since she was 'feeling fertile'.  turns out hes got a girlfriend (dammit dont they all?) but she fooled around with him anyway.

 success! her one dalliance prooved fruitful. but she is still unmarried. she needs to fix that, and fast.

 oh no..... QUADS! and she lives alone! this is a disaster! Andromeda




what will she do? bonehilda is broken and she doesnt have a plumbot! well at least she got plenty of heirs to choose from hahaha