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well now ive gone and done it

so ive had this lycanthropymod on skyrim for a while. i kinda liked it, but over all i did not like it. but since it was overly complicated, i didnt remove it because i didnt think i actually COULD.
(skyrim mods arent simple like sims mods. they dont go all in the same place. sometimes i have to set scripts, meshes, textures and all sortsd of things into different folders. and there is no way to keep track of or remember what went where)
well today i found another werewolf mod that looked better.. so i decidede to go and give it a try.. and scroured thru my files and deleted anything that looked even remotley related to the old mod.
well i dunno what the hell i did, but werewolf doesnt even work now.
Aela doesnt have the command to turn me anymore, and when i WAS turned, i didnt tranform.
so i broke it D:
i also found a mod that creates a hybrid, vampire/werewolf. that allowed me to actualy activate Aela again, but i lose vampire in the process. :(
skyrim mods are complicated and i br…

im almost scared to get IP

the horror stories... 0_0
so many broken games.. so so many.
i think i might wait a little while for this one

hmm sims or skyrim

i got a buncha new mods and dlc for skyrim so i been playing that alot last few days... but i kinda have a hankerin for sims too... well i dont have IP yet so maybe ill just go ahead and keep playing skyrim.

well i may not be around much longer

since the US government has declared war on my people, there is no telling when i will end up homeless and living under a bridge somewhere, eating half eaten discarded big macs and week old donuts.

even with my boyfriends added income, i cannot afford to live here without SSI benefits and SNAP. im an emotional and mental disaster and  the workforce is no place for me. on top of my physical ailments i have little other choice. i have been out there. it really didnt work out

and now, since the right wing propaganda machine's 'poor people' witch hunt is nearly in full swing, its only a matter of time before i can no longer afford food, clothing, shelter, and certainly not internet.

its been a great experience being here. the sims community has done so much for me over the years. really i cant begin to express how much its changed my life. i am a person with pretty severe social anxiety. i rarely talk to anyone, and almost never reach out. but i felt comfortable here, and i p…

i just realized something

i dunno what got me thinking about it, but the more i did think about it, the more and more im certain that the greek gods were the soap operas of that time frame.
think about it.
Zeus was humping everything that moved, Athena was a vain and vindictive. Hephestus was deformed and still ended up with the beautiful Aphrodite. Then there was whats her face that was being held captive for 6 mothns of the year.
its good stuff. the Greeks musta been real bored.  what i think i like best about greek gods, is that they are very human.
if, logicaly, gods indeed created us in their image, as some stories go, then wouldnt they be petty, selfish, rapey asswipes too?

its getting too dam frustrating to play my legacy family

at least twice a day, about every six sim hours, the game freezes for about a half an hour real time. it. is. IRRITATING.
none of my other same games do this. NONE. i have no idea whats causing it, or how to fix it. ive asked about it at nraas and noone there had any suggestions either. ive moved this family to new towns, completely tore down the house, sold everything they own and started new, and still it persists. only this family.
the ONE family that matters. the one i have been playing since base game with i cant even count how many generations now.
 i asked over there if it might be the hidden traits. they have over 10 now. Twallan said unlikley. so i have no freekin idea whats going on here.
the gnomes? the china boxes of goodies? the WA treasures? the portraits?
most of my other families have things of this nature as well, and NONE of them have this severe freezing problem.
i havent played my legacy in months pretty much because of this. i am getting so weary of this. why, wh…

stupid launcher

have i mentioned how much i loathe simpacks?
well dragon valley has some something to the laucnher ot make it keep uninstalling random simpacks. and the FUN part is, its uninstalling things i have had in game for ages, and dont have in the launcher anymore. so i cant just reinstall them. thanx, DV. thanx a fucking lot

my cousin is out fighting dragons and what do i get?



hopefully ill get the ren faire venue fixed, so later i can have an arrow to the knee too XD