more simmy nonsense

 Spooke's best girl.

 he did meet a fellow mermaid. but they werent attracted to one another so i didnt bother trying to move her in

 who would burgle a house with THIS spectral guardian?

 Spooke went to each of his baby mommas houses and decided which child he liked best. this is his chosen heir, Khalid. he invited him to sleep over. daddy visitation weekend :P

 Spooke and Khalid had a great weekend. i am unable to invite him to live with me tho. perhaps when he is a teen. (i could just 'add to household' but i want to see if i can do it legit)

 Spooke's dog had puppies! papa dog was the red ghosty.

  and they had a ghosty puppy!his name is Boo ^_^

 and here are his litter mates, Ladybug and Floyd

Spooke seems to favor Floyd, i have no idea why. he might be the one he keeps. altho i am rather partial to Boo ^_^


  1. I'm glad I stopped by.....I always like to see what Spooke is up to.I knew by the green eyes that Khalid had to be Spooke's son even before I read it. Who is his mother? The dogs are cute.

    I don't know why disqus still has me as rigbycat. I changed it to hippiedippie but it doesn't seem to want to change.

    Is Spooke an old man now? Post pics occasionally so I can see what he is up to.

  2. yeah hes old. Khalid is a twin actualy, his sister is named Jodie i think. Spooke has 3 baby mommas lol. all townies from roaring heights. hm the first one was shirly twempleton, neither of those twins were mermaids so i eliminated them as heirs. Khalid and Jodie are from Frances Picard, and Rayne Kane was the other mother. i cant remember those kids names atm


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