dear game dvelopers

there is a growing trend in games these days, that  requires you to play either online or socially in almost every game. and its getting worse. i dont know where you got the idea that gamers hate playing games by themselves, because i for one (who has been gaming since 1985 btw) LOATHE gaming socially. i hate other people. i hate playing games with other people. i hate hearing them whine, and gloat, and bitch, and i hate hate HATE being dependent on OTHER people to be able to accomplish things in a game. i am a person who has spent my life relying on myself, and learning that if you want something done, you can ONLY rely on yourself. this goes against EVERYTHING in social gaming. forcing me to game with others, forces me to rely on people who are not reliable, to complete game objectives. people who i cannot control, or depend on, to be there.  and to talk to people.. that majority of which, are a-holes.
this is stupid.
whos idea was this anyway?
bring back the single player experience.

online is nice, playing with your friends is cool, BUT STOP MAKING IT A FUCKING REQUIREMENT.
it should be an OPTION.

sincerely, a life long gamer, who is extremely worried about the future of gaming.


  1. I agree! Playing games is a great way to take a break from other people when you need to recharge. Not everyone is an extrovert that has to do stuff with other people all the time. Playing with friends is fun but you should be able to play games alone when you want to.

  2. Tiffany Coleman/ Taffy87November 20, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    I agree completely. I get on the computer to get a little time to myself, not to play with strangers. Not to mention, I don't want other people to rely on me to help them with their game. I have two young children, two teenage stepchildren, a disabled husband, and a mother-in-law in my house. It is a rare occasion to get ten uninterrupted minutes to play a game. I don't want others to rely on me when I may have to jump up to do something for someone else at any time.

  3. o yeah EXACTLY. i am a mom too, and i am often running back and forth from my screen to somewhere else. i dont need snotty teenagers yellin 'NOOB" at me because im trying to cook dinner while they are trying to accomplish a mission without me. (or leave suddenly) its very stressful, and games are supposed to help you relax and unwind, not be as stressful as a job, which is what they are turning into


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