need more power! *insert tim allen grunting here*

so after beta testing ESO (not giving anything away here so im not violating NDA) it put me in the mood for some more elder scrolls goodness. ive already played skyrim TO DEATH so i decided to fire up oblivion. havent given that one a go in a few years.

took me a little while to get back into the swing of things (gah the menus are so different!) but its been tons of fun. especially since i dont remember half of it lol. its almost like im playing it new.

i sure remembered that item cloning trick tho ;)

well anyway, i rolled a thief/archer because i dont think i ever tried on of those on oblivion. i rocked archer on skyrim, that was one of my favorite toons. my khajiit archer could one hit sneak attack  just about anything but a dragon.

the bows in oblivion? nosogood.

my toon is 10 now and has pretty good marksman skill, but still i have to shoot somthing about 15 times before it dies. and i have ot use a summon or just whack it with a sword half the time.

what gives? sneak attack just makes em mad? will i not be able to play my delightful murder build this time? *sad panda*

i even got some paralyze arrows (hilarious i might add) and still cant one hit anything.

i hope when i get stronger i can do better, cause so far this sucks. i also dont have a special bow either, so there is that.

my toon looks like a hobo too lol. i started her out wearing heavy armor, but somewhere along the way found a bunch of clothes with enchantments on them. so now shes this mismatched nightmare but shes  got some powerful buffs lol


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