might have finaly found a skin thats a keeper.

ive gone off on tangents before about how i am REALLY picky about custom skins and not finding any that suit my taste perfectly.
well i think i may have finaly found one that makes me happy. its as perfect a skin as i am going to find, i think.

the last skins i was using were 2 different ones, because i couldnd fine a default replacement that was for male and female that i liked, so i had one for male and one for female.

the female ones were a little too shiny, but other wise very nice.  the male ones were almost perfect, but the cheeks had very dark 'blush' areas that kinda annoyed me.

so i came across this kurasoberina

it looks great on both male and female. the females have a slightly bright area on the face, but its not real noticeable.

the muscle tone is good, and suitable for all weights. (i dont like painted on abs)
the shading is very subtle without being puddingly.too dark shading just makes sims look dirty.

and the big thing for me (for some reason) the belly button. it looks real, like it has depth. not just a dot painted on the abdomin which really irritates me.

this is a very nice skin, and i will probably use it for the remainder of my sims 3 life. (provided i dont somehow find a better one, but i seriously doubt it)


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