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since no single sims existed in my town, i put an 'all in one bathroom' at the beach where Spook works as a lifeguard, and he whoohoos every lady he saves LOL. he has 2 sets of twins now running around town. i have no idea who else he might have blessed with Spooklets. but im sure these arent the last. muaha. both sets of twins were born on the same day, Aiya
so, now when im ready to pass on my empire to an heir, i will have several in town to choose from. and i didnt have to raise em. XD

 spook ate some kelp he found in his pocket and a strange thing happend.

 he grew fins! and they match his eyes. how nice

 spook is a charming fellow. he knows how to woo all the ladies at the beach with his manly lifeguardiness

 the one on the left was his intended.. and then she went and got pregnant and married strait outta high school. little harlot. she was th prettiest girl in town :'(
so he romanced her mom.

 for my next trick. ,  turning water in wine.

 this girl is named frances i think. shes a cute little thing, but married married married. spook will have his way with her tho. o yes.

 i took the house boat out to open water, near the beach where spook works. (the routing on the dock was bugging me. he ALWAYS ran into the water, then back out, and then to the road. um.... wut?)

 as soon as i parked, i took some ingots out of Spook's pocket and placed them on a table. i sighed, at least i wont be burgled out here! i was immediately proven wrong. i mean seriously, it was 10 minutes later.

 it was pretty funny to see the burglar ride out to my house in a powerboat. and then the cop did the same. she got here in time to catch the crook! but not before she stole my shower. im sure there is a some black market underground buyer waiting for that shower

get her! she let the burglar driver herself back to shore to stand by the cop car LOL. then it took all night for the cop to go out to the car, then come BACK and survey the house. Spook was an exhausted mess by the time he had to go to work.

i can see my house from here


  1. he just had ANOTHER set of twins from some random woman in town. i guess i shouldnt have given him fertility treatment LOL


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