derpy launcher

so i downloaded the new grimmy venue, and a few lots that gurus made from the exchange (so basicaly all LEGIT lots) and my launcher wont install them.
3 times now i have tried and they never appear in my game. MAN i hate when it does this crap! cause there really isnt any way  to fix it that im aware of. i tried updating to the patch (the last patch, not this one) and that didnt work. im not getting this one just yet, but i doubt the patch will help anyway.

sometimes i just wanna bash that stupid thing with a hammer


  1. It looks like a lot of people are having trouble with that venue. Check for an origin update as that controls the launcher. I think you also have to be up to date with game patches for downloaded content to work, especially since that venue came out after the 1.63 patch.

  2. yeah i dont remember what patch level i have. i think its 1.6 but im not sure. i dont have the very last patch but the one before it. im not getting thins one just yet and i know it breaks a few things


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