Spook stuff again

 so, i got bored with my houseboat (as i often do) and wanted a real house with yard and stuff. but still by the water so he can mermaid around. so i built this house.
i got it from my floorplan book. its not exact, but its pretty close and im real proud of it.

 i just love this house! <3

 Spook went to his job, and one of his lady friends brought a baby with her. his baby. and left him there on the beach in the rain. THAT BITCH!

 Spook went to the alchemy shop after work, and 2 more of his kids were there lol. this one is Khalid (or somthing)

 and here is Jodie. they are both cutie pies.

went to work the next day and found this..... wtf?


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