well i wasnt really all that excited about it. but my boyfriend got it for 'me'. (he really got it for him)
but i been playing it and its pretty awesome. back to the old feel of the series when it was vice city and san andreas. the last one with nikko, i just couldnt get into that one. the controls, the look of the city, meh i just hated everything about it.

i been playing all day and i been having a blast :)
the cars drive real smooth. takes a little getting used to the new controls tho, i keep hitting the old buttons force of habit LOL.

i even got me a dog. my little cruisin buddy.. i put him in the car and roll the top down (you can actualy roll down convertibles now :D) and drive him out to the beach to chase a ball and shit.

plus i got attacked by a puma... SO unexpected... i blew up my jeep offroading and was trying to snag a new vehical when RAAWR!! outta nowhere a puma lol.



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