Spook's adventures in Roaring Heights

 crazy ol Spook. havent played with him in a while and needed a body to try out the new town he seemed as good as any. if you have ever played with Spook, you know he is crazy. wacky, wacky Spook

 he wanted to buy an elixir, so i thought it would be fun to buy a clone potion. he had floaty hearts for himself. at least he has self esteem

 he got 3 bags of money in a row from the claw machine. chaCHING! still need money tho. time for a jobjob

 Spook decided to get a job  as a lifeguard. cause he wanted to meet pretty girls and i havent played a lifeguard.

 and pretty girls a plenty! this tasty dish showed up at the beach the next day. and several others, but this one caught my eye. she looks like his type.

stinky Spook watching the waves. he saved a life his first day! a pretty blond girl was drowning and he (eventualy) saved her!
woohoo! way to go!

i tried out the rollar coaster too, but i seem to have forgotten to get pics -_-


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