a love story that is outta this world (or, my daughter the alien)

 it started off innocent enough. crop circles, mutilated cattle, and strange green snowmen.

 then light appeared in the sky

 my farmer, Nick Wantanabe, was curious and went to investigate. he was captured.

 he was shortly let go, but started to feel a little strange. he put on weight, and sometimes his belly glowed

 one day after breakfast his stomach exploded in green light

 a beautiful green baby girl appeared in his arms! He named her Stardust.

 Nick was happy to be a father (eve if he was hijacked into it) and spent every spare moment with his little gift from above.

 a being showed up on the door step one evening. Her name was Shannan, and she claimed to be Stardust's mother.

 just in time for Stardust's birthday!

 His bouncing baby girl was bald as could be.

 Shannan stayed for a while but the atmosphere didnt agree with her, and she passed away. Nick had to raise Stardust alone again.

 She grew into a fine little girl. with hair even!

 Nick adored her

and now she is a teen, ready to take over her father's farm. Nick is old now, but he has raised his little girl to perfection.

Stardust is ready to take over the world!


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