surgery and vendetta

well its been a busy weekend. so i tried to get my bf to play that in-game forsaken server i mentioned, and he got annoyed at the lack of leaves and left. i was still totaly willing to stay there. but he discovered that our old private server, forsaken world vendetta, is back online. they apparenty renovated the entire site and the game, and now its back in beta.

so i reluctantly went back there (not because i didnt like it there, but because i HATED leveling to 80 in an hour, there is nothing to do)

but they lowered the xp rate, so its not as crazy as before. not like in-game, but i might be able to live with it.

and my daughter just got back from the hospital. monday morning she had belly pain and a fever so we took her to the ER and it turned out she had appendicitis. so 5 years old and had to go thru surgery :(

she is doing ok tho and recovering nicely. its been an understandably very unpleasant experience for her. i dont think ill be able to get her anywhere near a hospital in the future lol


  1. Tiffany Coleman/ taffy87October 16, 2013 at 6:41 PM

    Awww, I hope your daughter recovers quickly. My five year old had to have some teeth pulled at the "big dentist" (put to sleep, at the hospital) a few months ago. They look so little in those hospital beds.

  2. aw poor thing. my son had to do that too. he was around 4 or five. he actually looked alot worse then my daughter does, his poor face was all swollen :(

  3. Hope your daughter's feeling better Zeri.


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