i need more people

and i have no idea where to find them! i wish i could just send some random 'ad' to google that would go to anyone who was interested in it. technology hasnt quite gotten there yet tho lol.

you may remember for a few years now i have playing an mmo called 'forsaken world' (on and off)

the official version of the game is blech and pay to win. i was on a private server for a while that i really enjoyed but it got deleted.

now ive found ANOTHER private server and its completely empty. its brand new!!
low drop rates too, you dont get to 80 in an hour (that always annoyed me)
but you do get free leaves.
im so excited to play again, but the server is empty. i cant do instances all my myself lol.

i wish there was some way to shout out to all the old Vendetta server gang and tell them about it.
not that most of them will care, since the drop rate is so low, but ive been LOOKING for a server just like this. PVE, not PVP, and decent drop/xp rates AND free leaves.

its perfect!!!

just empty...


  1. I remember playing that. I stopped myself because it kept forcing me to be in a group and I didn't want to at the time.

  2. yeah i hate random groups. it was great when our guild was going strong, there was always someone to party with.


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