anybody seen HippieDippie lately?

some of us on facebook havent seen her in a while and were worried. at first i thought she just deleted me and thats why i didnt see her posting anymore. (i kinda wondered what i did to piss her off, but i do tend to have that effect on people) but others are looking for her too so maybe she is sick or something.. i hope she is ok.

please somebody tell me shes around somewhere.


  1. Hey Zeri! I haven't seen Hippie in awhile either, but I just figured she was on FB and well I don't have FB page anymore.
    I tried the her page on the officials a few months ago, but that didn't work. I do have her email, so I'll message her and see if she's ok. Hopefully she is.

  2. hopefully she is just busy or something. tell her we said hi and hope shes doing ok :)

  3. Haven't seen her around either. Noticed she was MIA the other day when I saw another, mutual, FB friend asking where she's been.

  4. Hi, Zeri! I have had health issues and needed a break from everything. I would never unfriend you without an explanation and can't imagine any reason why I would find that necessary, anyway. Thanks for missing me :) I missed you guys and am glad to be back! How is your son doing?

  5. im so glad to hear your doin well :) my daughter is doing much better, her surgery was last week, and already shes back in school and the wounds are almost all healed. ahh the magic of youth lol


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