bout ready to dump Nraas

i have used it a long time, i i do love it but its getting REALLY irritating trying to find any single sims in town to date/marry.
the dam mod pairs them all off before i can even call them! its pissing me off! every dam single lady (and gent, i figured why be picky) were all married or in relationships, so i had my sim scope out some teens. he found one he liked and befriended her, waiting till she aged up to YA so he could court her.
so ok she ages up and he calls her immediately, but shes says 'im busy call back later'
so he goes to bed. and while hes sleeping, SP mod tells me she is pregnant!! and getting married!! im like WTF!
its been 8 hours!!

im so tired of just making mates for my sims, i want to date the townsfolk ffs. i think i might just take this mod out for a while


  1. That's the same problem I have. I put a sim in town and then try to have them find a mate, but everyone's taking. So then I either make a mate or pair them with one of their housemates. Then I get bored, because I always end up doing that. I guess that's why I'm bored with the game now. :/ Hmmm...I wonder if it's a option to slow that part of Nraas' SP down. It does get pretty ridiculous.

  2. yeah i was hoping there was too, but i didnt find anything. i turned of the 'allow romance' caste and it didnt seem to help. so i think i might just play without it for a while and see how that goes. ill miss the little pop-ups that tell me whats goin on, but o well

  3. yeah i tried unclicking allow romance, but the girl i was after just went and got knocked up but some guy instead. i didnt want to turn EVERYTHING off, cause the town would just be dead, i just kinda want to slow it down

  4. ok so, going thru that list Tickle posted, and i noticed a new feature called 'arranged marriage'. now if this works like i HOPE it does, i can assign a particular sim in town to be my intended mate, and SP will leave that sim alone. i am going to try this out, i hope it works like i hope it does.

  5. Do you have the SP relationship module?

  6. The arranged marriage bit needs the relationship module to work if you still want to give it a try.


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