a vacation they will NEVER forget

Damiana Kaine and her boyfriend, Edward Goth were on a romantic trip to Champs Les Sims. The whole family rolled the want, and they were in desperate need of some money, so off they all went on adventure, Damiana, Edward, and Damiana's parents, Maranda and Christopher.  The trip started out nice enough. Maranda went treasure hunting and conquered a tomb and found a lot of loot. Damiana and Edward visited the nectary and had a romantic afternoon. when they returned to the lodge, Edward had a surprise for her.

yes, the magical atmosphere of Champs Les Sims inspired Edward to propose. Damiana was extatic, and of course, accepted. They went to bed and woke early the next morning, to spend their first romantic day together as fiancees. Then, i got a message. A fire had started on the home lot, no doubt from the fire Edward had started to set the mood when he asked for Damiana's hand.

 It raged out of control. and it seemed EVERY NPC from the entire town was suddenly in the living room, taking up space and preventing the firemen from doing their job properly.  Maranda and Christopher were still at the lodge, trapped in the mess.

 several times Maranda and Christopher put the fire out, only to have it start back up immediately, for no reason. The fireplace had been put out, yet the fires continued.

 once again they got the blaze out, only to have this guy still on fire. see everyone rush to help him?

 his flaming pants set the room ablaze once again.

 There was just no controlling it. every time someone extinguished the fire, it immediately returned, NPC's began dropping like flies, one after the other. Maranda and Christopher were terrified for their lives.. Damiana and Edward were safely snuggling on a bench somewhere,

Grimmy came to take all the unfortunate souls lost in the fire. But it was too much, even for him.

even grimmy knows its going to be a long night!! thankfully, the vacation ended and they magically warped home, or id still be there trapped in that inferno lol. and Maranda took a few graves home for souveneirs!

its one vacation this family will NEVER forget.


  1. LOL well thankgoodness the family survived! It looks like it was alot of fun at first (and then a tad bit annoying after a while)

  2. yeah it was amusing, and annoying lol. at least the new couple was safe from harm. i couldnt have cared less if mom and dad got toasted lol. im pretty much done with them :P


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