join my comp!

 Sim Celebrity Makeover Home Edition! Make over the Goth manor, to YOUR specification and style!!
Completely gut the interior and give it a new floorplan! Give it new paint, furniture, and pizazz! Think you got what it takes to make over the goth manor?? You can win an item on your wishlist of up to 300 simpoint! Click here and join today!!
Get the unoccupied Goth manor here if you dont already have one.

This could be alot of fun, so lets all join in! :D


  1. Not a bad looking page. Could use a bit more of a polished look but pretty cool all the same. There is a sick Goth section at

  2. wow my first spam comment. i feel special

  3. You're making a comp?!?? SWWWWWEEEEEET!!!! I'll check it out! Not sure if I can join because I don't have Sims installed yet, but damn if I won't try! xD

    'Bout time you created your own comp dude!

  4. its not my first one, actually. they never really seem to get notice and no one joins :/


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