holy cow

my bf went outside to smoke earlier, and started calling to me, saying come out here, quick. so i run outside, and he says, look at the this slug!
now im all outdoorsy and nature lovin but im like. ok, a slug, whoopdeedoo. till i got a look at it.
look at the SIZE of this thing. yes that my hand. its in a chinese food container. it takes up the whole thing. its a long as my finger, maybe bigger!

and its a really pretty slug too. its got leopard spots all over it and i just couldnt stop looking at it. i can honestly say, its the prettiest slug ive ever seen lol.
i admired it for about 20 minutes and then let it go again, but that is definitely a sight i wont soon forget.


  1. IT'S ALIIIIIVE! That is one mutant slug. 0_0

  2. hahah thats what i said when i first saw it! so i ran inside and googled it, turns out they are fairly common

  3. It's a good thing you got pictures of it! Those spots are beautiful...reminds me of my pleco a little. I can't get over how BIG that damn thing is! That is one well-fed slimy dude! xD


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