enough is enough

leave Jessamine the hell alone. seems everywhere i go today people are drudging up the past and shitstirring about a little girl who never really did anyone wrong. yeah so shes obnoxious, and loud and says dumb shit sometimes. who doesnt? shes fucking 14 for crissake. and its EXTREMELY shitty for people to be talking about her behind her back, something i cannot respect for any reason ever.
this is the reason she left, people. who can take the constant bullying and venom spewed at them day after day, i know i sure as hell wouldnt be able to.  so she offended you once, boohoo. let it go.. its done, its over.

so why dont you all just drop whatever petty little bullshit you have about her and let it fucking die. she is a good person, and doesn't deserve this crap, REGARDLESS of your personal feelings toward her. You dont have to like her, just stop harassing her and dragging her name thru the mud. my guess is, most of you are old enough to know better.

this is a child.. a child with emotional issues. just leave her the hell alone


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