8 more mousies

few days ago the same mouse who recently had a litter, just had another one :P so, now i have 8 more little squeekers. i had to buy a new cage of the local freecycle just to house them all. my old cage was too small. i was GOING to use the old cage to house the males so i can keep the population sperate, but the first night i put thme in the new cage they ate holes in the waterbottle that goes to the old one  >:((((
so now i cant use it, unless i can find another waterbottle that fits in the little hole. razzinfrazzing mice lol. 
well my Circe will have plenty of food now, and i get to have fun breeding different colors and coat patterns into the mice as a side hobby ^_^  i looove genetics XD


  1. I had mice a few years ago. They were supposed to be 2 girls but turned out a boy and a girl. Oh what fun :P They had a litter of 8. We sold 4 to the pet shop. The other ones died... one got squished, which makes me feel terrible every time I think about it. I didn't do it...my mum accidentally did when she was cleaning the cage and she didn't know where he was. She felt terrible after, it was her favourite one :( The others died of cancer. So sad D:

  2. cancer?? wow how does a mouse get cancer? and how did you know thats what it was?
    back when i used to breed them, i had what i called the 'twitching death' syndome.. some mive would be walking around fine, then twitch and fall over dead. i never did figure out why. my ex suggested it was because i fed them sunflower seeds and they have a high fat content.. so they were all having heart attacks
    but i dont know for sure

  3. Well we assumed it was cancer. They got a red lump on their ear or body and would eventually die. But I guess we're probably not right. We just say it was cancer if someone wants to know how they died. I should probably look up on it sometime.

  4. well cancer is as good a guess as any. who knows what causes wierd stuff like that

  5. Yay congrats on the new little mousies :) Just dont be like the one couple I told you bout letting their mice all over the house and near there new infant baby haha!

  6. aw HELL no. besides my cats would eat them :p


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