Testers wanted

the other day the Mare's suggested to me i should put my blog in forum in one place. and it got me thinking. what is there was a place where ALL simmers could come together in one spot, and have access to all our private blogs, forums, and CC sites? and have our own myspace type profiles, and friendlists and whatnot... it sounded very good to me.

well, i went looking into making something like this, but its proving to be a bit more complicated than it needs to be. (since i am currently looking for a free host) features are limited. But it might be possible to upgrade to something better later if i can generate enough interest.

so here is my request. If you are interested, bored, curious, please join this still unfinished, virgin site, and help me test it out. I am still trying to get the functionality i want, and it would be great to get some feedback on the project. This site is not officially open yet. So dont be surprised if it seemes, naked. cause it is.

join HERE if you are interested in being a tester. All feedback is welcome!


  1. I joined up Zeri. I think it's a great Idea.

  2. thanx :) im still trying to figure out a way to get everyone blog feeds to work. ive left a messege on the FAQ site so we will see. if this isnt a possibility, this site will be sacked. cause personal blogs and forums is kinda the whole point

  3. That sounds like a cool idea, Zeri. I wouldn't mind signing up -- do we need to use our real full name and birthday, though? (it asks in the signup info)

  4. no i wouldnt worry about it Cel. i dont think i gave it mine lol

  5. That sounds awesome! I'm about to sign up right now.. This would be so awesome if everyone signed up.

  6. im still trying to figure out the rss thing. i found a way to do ONE.. but obviously that wont do.

  7. no i wouldnt worry about it Cel. i dont think i gave it mine lol


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