Come and help us grow.

after some tweaking and fiddling, i think SIMians is finaly ready to launch to the general public. JOIN HERE!
SIMians is not another forum. SIMians is a SOCIAL NETWORK, set up to accommodate simmers and only simmers. Customize your profile, add videos, music, and blog. there is a status feature and you can write on other simmers walls. But the best part, is that SIMians can link to EVERY sim blog, forum, or CC site in the entire simmerverse. Just add your favorite links in the 'blogs, forums, and CC links' tab, add keywords, and its there for all!
Its the perfect way to get your blog noticed more, or let people easily find your forum. But what SIMians needs, is YOU!  So join today and help our community grow


  1. well what a surprise... the gurus wiped my post of the EA forum so fast i barely had time to edit the post for typos..
    *sigh*... how am i gonna get the word out now?


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